Monday, 14 February 2011

The bigger the knob the better for me

is what I was saying to my husband as we crossed Tottenham Court Road in London on Sunday. Some nearby pedestrians gave me a weird look. But I don’t know if you’re like me, I like a big knob. I mean there isn’t really any point going for the small ones. Is there?


Now let me put this into context for you. We had gone to London to look for settees. I want to update my main sitting room furniture. I have had  a good innings from my existing sofa and chairs, but my back problems have made sitting in them an issue. But I am very particular with the type of sofas I would like. All the shops are full of corner modular settees. All very good for my sisters modern home, but mine is an Edwardian house and I want something a little more formal.


I was after some large Knowle style settees. Linda and I had checked out all the major stores in London on our recent trip. So all that was left was the group of furniture stores on Tottenham Court Road and Harrods. Harrods are stockists of my number 1 favoured knowle settee. It has large knobs……


LAVX2A_EVA1DE_jpg{w=361,h=361}It was with some surprise that I found myself admiring a settee in Multiyork. A company I would have considered for old fogies. But it would seem I am one now. The salesman had us bouncing around on all the different seat filling options and, oh what a difference it made to my back.


We popped to our favourite restaurant for a spot of lunch

2011 Feb 13th London

and then it was off to HarrIMG_0441-1ods. Their furniture floor is amazing….. and there was…… my Holy Grail of sofas.

Big knobs and everything.

But the cushions were like a feeble handshake. A big disappointment. No bounce and I could tell they would drive me mad. I like my cushions plumped daily and these are massive and heavy.

I was assured we could have a firmer filling at an extra cost and of course the fabrics I chose were in the expensive (extortionate ) range. So back I went to Multiyork to compare. I’m off to a local branch to check out their fabric selection. It will take some hours.

IMG_0451We bought ourselves some “Valentine” cakes to have at home. But as usual they were a disappointment.

The passion fruit cream cupcake alone cost £3 !!!


Some of you may have heard about my Valentine “ surprise” present for my husband. While out with Sandra we came across some bargain nipple tassels. At just £1……..I was tempted by the handcuffs as well, but I had visions of hubby handcuffing me to the bed and leaving me there.


So both of the kids were out Saturday night, and out came the tassels.

I made a slight mistake in using my scrapbook heavy duty tape. Those buggers weren’t going anywhere. I could twirl away to my hearts content. Very amusing for Hubby, a bit bemusing for Teddy. I had to sit the rest of the night with them on watching TV…….Very sexy…..NOT

Happy Valentines Day.



Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL!! happy sofa hunting you old fogey!!!!

Denise said...

You have really made me smile this morning- can't imagine it was much fun taking those tassles off!
Thanks for the tip re the Project Life Community on BPS.xx

Andrea said...

hope you were careful that you didnt trip over your tassles !!

alexa said...

Have you chosen and ordered a sofa yet? Perhaps it needs to have knobs AND tassles ... :)

Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

i used to work in tottenham court rd, and spent many a lunch hour browsing Heales!


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