Friday, 11 February 2011

All change for Project Life

Things are about to change around here. for the better I hope. Although my Project Life is going to suffer as a consequence.


Out of 60 applicants, two people were chosen for an interview. Tasmin was one of them. After half an hour, her life changed.

They made the decision in a matter of hours, instead of three weeks like her previous interview. She was the chosen one.

From Monday Tasmin will be a trainee dental nurse.

I think my Project Life will suffer. My model for photo-shoots will be gone. It will be just me and Ted all day. I’ll have to get creative with my images, otherwise the rest of the years shots maybe a bit boring. Me having breakfast, vacuuming, making the beds and cooking dinner.

I am going to have to get better at taking photos at night. Not my strongest point as I try to shoot with natural light. But I have purchased a monitor calibrator to correct the colours I see when I Photoshop my images. So hopefully I will become an expert on correcting colour casts that shooting inside with lights can create. My grey card will have to come out a lot more to get the correct white balance.

I just have to work out how to calibrate my monitors. I think I may be sometime. Wish me luck…..


Anonymous said...

Don't worry the evenings are getting lighter and the gardener will be out doing his work.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Tasmin! That is awesome news! Maybe you should try taking more pictures of cooking. I never think to. It seems like that's something you're good at from previous posts, and food photos are always yummy.

kym said...

Well done to Tasmin, I bet you are all really won't need to worry about getting the right white balance on your project life, soon you will be blinded by bright white teeth...xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

It was so good to be involved in the day the good news came!! I'll be thinking of her on Monday morning!!

& as someone said earlier, the night are getting lighter, so I think you'll be OK!!

alexa said...

Congratulations to Tasmin! Will be following your monitor calibration - I'd love to know about this so please keep us posted :).


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