Monday, 31 January 2011

you should be impressed

While writing this blog post,I have been multitasking.I’ve put a load of washing on.Let the dog in/out 4 times,hoovered the kitchen/conservatory.Cooked/eaten my the paper and emails.Laid prostrate in the garden taking photos among a million other things like fixing the middle east problem.Now Hubby (men)don’t seem to be able to this.That may explain why there are so many problems with the World. Seeing's it seems to be men in positions of power and decision making.I mean if Hubby is in charge of cooking a meal.He hovers around the Aga watching/waiting for things to cook.He just can’t go of and do anything else. One task is enough thank you very much.

Anyway,I’ve had a busy weekend.I moved into my old bedroom and was enjoying some Zzzz in the dark quiet room ,when the doorbell woke me.It was bloody hubby back from the States. Is there no way I can get some sleep in this house.This morning luckily I was awake as he came through to use the bathroom as he’s off for anther week and had an early start.Fine I was already awake after taking painkillers.I had dropped off again when he left ,only to be woken by Blackpool illuminations coming on in the room.My bloody son had come in to knick some of his dads socks.At this point I gave up sleeping and grabbed my Martha Stewart magazine Hubby bought me from the States.

When I was unexpectedly woken On Saturday I jumped out of bed but got stuck on the landing when a wall of pain hit me. So hubby was greeted by a wide eyed,puffing wife.

The pain was back.

It filled me with despair,but I won’t let it beat me. So I texted a friend that I was up for swimming,if she was. Little did I expect to get a text back immediately, I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes! I’d just got out of bed. So anyway off we went. I didn’t swim. I just marched up and down and did lots of jogging in the water. She joined me after a few lengths and we jogged together chatting for 45 minutes.

Bloody hell, do I ache in my calf's now.

I was apprehensive for a crop with Anna the following day.But after a painful drive there, I found the orange plastic chairs extremely comfy! In fact I just had mild pain, no major twinges. I was amazed I stayed all day.

I finally put together a mini album of my Cruise/Florida holiday. I used an envelope album. All the envelopes hold memorabilia from the trip. I still have all the journaling to do (ergh ,worse bit)

2011 Jan 30

Dawn asked if I still have my dog, Teddy as it would seem he hasn’t been on the blog lately, so that is why I was laying on the damp grass this morning trying to get a shot. But he is very camera shy and always looks the other way. So Dawn this is for you.


I’ve been keeping up to date with my Project Life,In fact I always have too many pictures at the moment. I made Hubby take the compact camera with him to Chicago so I made two A4 collages of photos from the week,which I added in the middle. I still have to add some paper behind them and some journaling.





Not only did Hubby come baring gifts from Chicago.


He had my new photo book from My Publisher. The photos were much brighter and I had learnt my lesson from the photobox book and jiggled around with the contrast and I added lots more photos.

Here some shots of the new book.

2011 project life

I don’t really like the feel of the covers. The Photobox book had a smoothness to it.  Plus ,the edges aren’t put together very professionally.If I lived in the States I would return it for them to do it again.


Anyway, i am off for a date with Teejay. Wish me luck….I need it…..


Scrappi Sandi said...

OMG I do hope that was just a glitch & that the pain isn't back for good! It's promising that you managed to sit all day at the crop...maybe you should sneak an orange plastic chair home with you the next time you're there!! Those 'Aquarobics' will really help & I'm sure Teejay will do his bit too!!! Enjoy!!

Love the enevelpoe cruise album...& there's a familiar face in those Chicago photo's!! 'Project Life' is looking good!!!

Dawn said...

Nice to see Teddy looking so well even though the same can not be said of you - I really felt for you yesterday and can not believe how you keep going, I would just want to crawl into a corner and weep. I'm keeping everything crossed that they will be able to help you and soon. Hope the pilates went well - hugs xxx


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