Sunday, 2 January 2011

Well, here goes

All those months of anticipation.and the day is finally here when I have decided to start my Project Life.

I ordered my copy of Project Life about last September. Becky Higgins had her old kits on special offer for only about £25, with free delivery. The problem is she doesn’t ship to the UK. So, I had it sent to a friends in Chicago, for my husband to pick on an upcoming business trip. Sadly, his trip got cancelled at the last minute and so I waited, and waited.



Finally he was able to pick it up in November and I got my hands on it in Miami.It filled an entire case in its original packaging.

But luckily Becky has all the individual components boxed up beautifully, so we spread it around  our luggage.


This is Becky talking about this years copy of her kit.

Some people are going to take a photograph a day for the next year, but I am going to be more free and open. There is no right or wrong way to put your album together. I know I would fail before I even got started if I just took a photo a day and used it. A lot of the time I never leave our house, sometimes for days on end. So the photos could get a bit boring.

But I always take more than 7 photos a week. So I am going to interpret the photo a day as the photo I choose to use for that day. I have also got to remember to take them in a horizontal position for the binder.

I loved this ladies interpretation of The Project Life and I have bought extra varied sized page protectors to add as I go along.

Here’s the start of my album.


The opening page


as you can see, I didn’t get a group photo. So I just did what I am going to do all the way through, adapt.

My first two entries, using photos I took last week, but are relevant to my life at this moment in time.


As you can see I am going to add relevant paperwork as I go along. Behind my boots picture, is the receipt for them.

Today I took a picture that covers my New Years resolution. As a Beauty Therapist and ex-Dior consultant you may be surprised to hear I don’t really cleanse my face. For over 20 years I have just used rose water once a day on a damp cotton pad. Only If I was wearing full make up ( rare ) would I use a product to remove it. I’m  very lazy and (tight) when it comes to lavishing time on myself in the bathroom. But this is the year I am going to use my cleanser and toner at least once a day. I shall apply my night serum, at night. Not in the morning when I can be bothered.

Plus I shall endeavour to brush my teeth twice a day !!! See, I said I’m lazy.


Now shall I let you into another secret.

See that pot of face cream on the left. I finished it months ago, its filled with my favourite face cream. Read about it here

I think forking out extortionate amounts for beauty products is a big con. Believe me I know I had to sit through hours of brainwashing training it’s all gobbledygook. I use products that I like the smell of or continually win best products awards. I have used face creams that cost over £200, and my skin was no different. In fact it got worse.

Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons will all tell you, protection from the suns rays is the most important thing to do to stop ageing.

My mum used to coat me in factor 0 tanning oil from a very young age. So that I could cook nicely in the Spanish sun. So the damage is already done to my skin. I have all the skin pigmentation to prove it.

Those girls on the beauty counters look so good because of the layers of make up they wear. It protects them from the sun. Just look at Joan Collins. She’s about 104 and her make up is piled on and she never put her face in the sun.


Scrappi Sandi said...

OMG! Doe this mean you'll soon be needing an hour & a half to get ready in the morning too?!!! :0

Great start to your Project Life album & I definitely think you have the right approach!!

Denise said...

Looking good already, looks like mine is still stuck in Canada,might have to improvise a bit for a while.Your Joan Collins comment really made me smile!

Andrea said...

oh i would love one of those but i wouldnt be able to decide what photo to take !!

alexa said...

What a pretty start to your life in 2011 - looking forward to seeing more pages :). And thanks for the info about face creams!


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