Monday, 17 January 2011

up and down

That’s how I am at the moment. My biggest fear of having treatment on my back was that it wouldn’t help or “cure” me. I am trying to take it as a day at a time, but every 24 hours is different.

If you saw me out and about or popped around you would wonder what I go on about. Just like my GP did last year. If I stand or walk around the symptoms are kept to a minimum. BUT when I wake in the morning or sit down/drive, back come those sneaky pains. Yesterday morning, was particularly bad and we had to cancel our plans to go out for the day. I didn’t mind so much it was a dreary day, anyway.

I keep myself busy always. I can clean my house, cook/bake, use my laptop- all standing. No problem.

IMG_8198-1Today, I woke feeling pretty good, so I attempted a slightly longer drive than I have done lately. I have wanted to go to the Chinese wholesaler just up the motorway from me. But I started grimacing on the way. Those twinges were back. But it was thanks to one of Megan's amazing Tiger Balm patches, that kept my brain centered on the heat it was giving out.

They have been amazing, I have used one everyday. On my hot flush days I used the “cool” ones and today, now the flushes have thankfully disappeared, I tried the “warm” ones. What I particularly like is they are all natural ingredients.In fact I waft around like I have applied Vicks vapour rub liberally. The smell so reminds me of my Thai massages I used to have on holiday.


So I have been craving some Thai food to go with my wafting smell.


I always buy pretty much the same things. But I added some Thai aubergines to my basket this time. I must say it’s very confusing there. The majority of the ingredients I have no idea what they are or how you use them.

IMG_8196-1But these I know well.

Do you recognise them from “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here”.

I asked if they sell many and she said with Chinese New Year coming up they are very popular.

Erghhhhh…I’ll pass thank you……

I am still managing to keep on track with my Project Life.

Here are last weeks pages and this weeks so far.


As you can see have added some small images to the centre slots and I used an enlarged image of my MRI scan and added some scrap paper you get with the kit and some journaling on the back.In the slot is my hospital bracelet as well.




and this weeks so far…


3 down, 49 to go !!!!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Karen! I looked up the Project Life stuff after you posted about it on my blog. It is SO cool! Wow. What a great idea. I don't think I'll do it this year, but I definitely will think about it for the future. I think my mother-in-law would love it, so I may have to give her a kit. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, another thing-- how did you do the groups of photos together in the previous post? Did you download a photo board or something like that?

alexa said...

Your Project Life is coming on apace! I'm a bit befuddled on the dish that says "The Cat Butter", though! Like the way the journalling snakes round the pretty images on the journalling cards... And hoping your back continues to improve. :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Tiger Balm is amazing...e brought loads back from Bruneii for Lee's Mum..she discovered it in Malaya in the 1950's & swears it will cure anything!!! glad you're finding some relief! I drive past that Chinese Supermarket so often & yet I've never been in there!! Your project Life is looking good!! Hope to see you soon ♥

Michelle said...

Fab pages! I'm still giving u massive sympathy for your bad back! My trapped nerve has driven me around the bend! I would highly recommend an Osteopath she has worked wonders for me! :) My friend swears by tiger balm too, ive never tried it but she gets 3 pots in the £1 shop. :)


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