Thursday, 6 January 2011

Their adventure

Tasmin and her boyfriend wanted to make a memory album just like the one they saw in the Disney film UP. Now I hadn’t seen the film, so I did a bit of searching on the web and found this.

They turned down my spare scrapbook album. They wanted an old style cardboard album just like the films.They found just what they wanted in Paperchase. They were going to Hobby Craft to look for some bits to make it their own.Why I said when I have boxes full of stash. So they spent an afternoon going through everything and I mean everything.

They now have a basket full of stash they’d like to use on the project.

This is what they came up with for the front of their album.

IMG_7527 copy

Its funny that Tasmin when filling in application forms for some jobs recently put scrapbooking as her hobby.

I was quite chuffed.

My Project Life is coming along nicely. For todays photo of the day. I knew I would be awake during the night because of the pain. So along with my three different types of heat for my leg. I grabbed my camera and put it by the bedside.

And yes, I was right, this was my shot from the night. I captured the time I needed to get up and get something to eat for the next lot of painkillers.

time pain woke me

One of the things we are trying to do this year, is having a night a couple of times a month as a “date night”. Its a regular occurrence on blogs that I read from the States and it crops up on the TV programmes I love to watch. It seems to have come originally from Mormon families. And as a LOT of scrapbookers are Mormons based around Utah, it was something that kept cropping up last year on their blogs.

Yesterday, it turned out both of my children were out for the evening. So I sent my husband a text  “ do you fancy a date tonight?”. It was great to get out for just a little while. My husband travels a lot and is always staying at hotels and eating at beautiful restaurants. I think sometimes he forgets that I am stuck at home 24/7.

I printed off a voucher for Pizza Express and we had a lovely meal for just £14!!!!

pizza express

first date night

He wasn’t to pleased when he heard I had my camera with me.

In fact that was all I had in my handbag. I even made sure we took the table in the best light!

I’m hoping that Project Life will encourage us to do more with our life, as after all I have to have things to document.


alexa said...

That sounds like a lovely start to the new year, Karen! Sorry to hear you are in pain, though ... Great album - no wonder you were chuffed!

Denise said...

I love the look of Tamsin's album and I think a 'date ' night is a great idea.We will have to think of some things to do or mine will be pretty boring or have lots of gaps !

Scrappi Sandi said...

Didn't they do well with the album cover! We aim for only one date night a month...sometimes we dn't manage it, but as the boys get older I'm sure it'll get easier!! I'm loving your daily photo's & can't wait to see the project in the flesh!!


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