Sunday, 2 January 2011



Helen over at her blog has kindly awarded me a Stylish blogger award.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t accept it. In recognition of receiving the award I have to award it to 15 other recently discovered fab blogs. I looked through my Google reader page and my saved blogs. But almost all of mine are well established “ professional " bloggers who I have followed for almost a year.

I am a tidy freak and that goes for my laptop as well. I am always  streamlining my blogs and saved favourite websites I am linked to. I delete every email after I have read and actioned it.

Because I now can’t spend too much time sat at the computer. I only have the bare essentials linked on it now.

Sites that I ALWAYS look at are

See not too many. I have a few 365 inspiration photography ones but that’s about it. I’m a simple girl at heart.

I think I could also struggle with the other requirement of the award tell readers 7 things about yourself they wouldn’t know.

Seeing's I gabble on about everything , no holds barred , I doubt there is much left , but here goes.

  1. I sleep with earplugs in. I can hear a gnat fart
  2. I HATE perfume on people
  3. I like my sourdough toast cut thin, cold and almost burnt
  4. I hate coffee and anything flavoured with it
  5. I don’t do my physio exercises, but I tell her I do.
  6. I didn’t bother to learn to drive until I was 26. Even though I had a brand new car bought for me, 2 years before that.
  7. it was me that broke my sisters Sweet April dolls rocking horse-(on purpose)
  8. sweet_april8


Scrappi Sandi said...

Yep! I knew everything except that you vandalised Andreas toy! i bet there's a good story behind that one!!...oh & that you hate to smell perfume on people...I wear perfume every day...has it bothered you all these years?!!!

kym said...

Oh God !! I'm going to be so on edge the next time I come for a treatment, I bath in perfume every day and I'll have to remember not to eat fruit and fibre that day aswell....xx

Andrea said...

the fact that you broke my favourite toy doesnt make me feel so bad about taking your designer kilt out of your wardrobe and putting it on under my market brought one then wearing it to the disco ,putting mine in a carrier once id left the house xx


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