Wednesday, 19 January 2011

sitting pleasure

I have spent most of the day and night, SITTING DOWN…….

I felt really good yesterday. It meant I managed to get some of my list of jobs accomplished.



Now that I can sit, for periods it was time to order a chair for my scrapbook room. It came to me in the middle of the night, why not buy a barstool similar to my sisters. I couldn’t believe how reasonable it was. I hadn’t liked any office chairs I had seen, but this fits perfectly and it is so comfy to sit in.

I ordered it on Sunday evening and it was delivered free, yesterday morning. Some service.


I sat there most of the evening putting together yet another Photobook. I sent my Photobox one back. Everyone loved it,  but I wasn’t happy with how dark they had printed the pictures. So I am trying an American Co, My Publisher. I re-Photoshopped a years worth of photos to put in it. I was sat here until 1am.

I’m hoping to get some more work done on my Florida holiday digital album today, so that I can get that printed. Then download Decembers and January photos ready for my Costco developing trial.

So far, I am finding a Photo a day quite easy. I mean take yesterday. I took over 180 images!!!! I whittled it down to 32 in the end. So if I ever have a dry spell I have LOTS to choose from.

IMG_8355I took some of Teddy so happy to be back with Mummy on the bed, whilst she relaxes and reads the paper.

I tried again today, but the pain was back so I got up to read it in the kitchen instead.




Tasmin was having a last sleepy cuddle with her boyfriend before he caught a train back to University.







I tried taking a picture of myself looking inside the fridge,but I will have to experiment with a wider angled lens.


Then it was cupcake time. I wanted to use up some chocolates left over from Christmas. So I thought I’d adapt a cupcake recipe with them.

I used this beautiful recipe from the amazing book Linda gave me.


2011 Jan 19th

They puffed up so much in the oven. I love the chemical reaction you get when you add the Bicarb to the vinegar.

Then after a touch of piping them were finished. The only problem  is Hubby has no sense of taste, due to nose problems. He thought they were mint flavoured !! There were melted orange thins in the frosting ????

Sometime I wonder why I bother. I am wasted on this family……..


Then I made a Yellow Thai curry. It was to die forrrrrr.

2011 Jan 19th1

My main problem with Project Life is always which image to choose to represent the day!!






Oh plus, I took Tasmin to the Post Office and to drop a CV off in a local town. Two supermarket shops, the Library ,all the washing, house cleaning and sorted out my dresser in the dining room.

Phew, it’s not easy being organised to perfection.

Hubby gets home and thinks …..I bet she’s just relaxed all day with her feet up………. Yeh ,right. Just like I think he does at work………………..


alexa said...

What a full day! I cannot imagine how you did all that and still took nearly 200 photos as well - not to mention blogging about it! Glad the chair/stool is comfy.

Scrappi Sandi said...

So glad that you're at least able to sit comfortably some of the time now! sounds like you had a very full day...those muffins look just too scrummy!...the Thai curry even more so!! Hope you're happier with the new photobook company!


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