Friday, 28 January 2011

poo, bum, sh*t

was my reaction when we finally heard today that Tasmin didn’t get a position she was waiting to hear about.


She has had to wait for 3 whole weeks while they urm and ahh about which one of three girls, they wanted to employ. We were really confident,as she had two interviews for it and had had to work alongside one of the bosses. They wanted to know our entire family history, what we did as jobs and how long we’d been employed!!!! Even when was Ryan likely to move out of home!!!

All that for a part time trainee dental nurse position!!!!!

It turned out the other girl had more evidence she had wanted to be a dental nurse her entire life ???? Quite how you prove that I don’t know. Anyway, Tasmin asked if she could work for them for nothing to get some work experience. They rang back to say no, Health and Safety and insurance makes it impossible for them.

So we are back to the drawing board. There have been no jobs advertised that she could apply for recently. She can’t drive yet, so the fork lift and long distance lorry driver positions are out. There doesn’t seem to be much else. She applied for loads of apprenticeship positions all are short term contracts with no jobs at the end for about £75 a week. But not one has even acknowledged her.

It was a shame about the job, I have a massive joint of beef waiting in the freezer for a family celebration and I even made lemon cupcakes just in case. So its back to the pub for her.

The problem with it, is that one of us (me) has to sit up waiting until 1am for her to leave the pub. We then watch her walk safely up the dark road, as we can see the pub from outside our house.

The main problem is her brother though. He has been told that he has to now work in London. He had to tell his entire team that they have no choice but to follow him or leave. None of them will want to go because of the journey, including him. But employers know they have you over a barrel at the moment and can ask anything of you. So now I will be woken just hours after I have gone to sleep after Tasmin gets home.

This was my “Picture of the day” yesterday of Ryan leaving in what seemed the middle of the night.


He now doesn’t return until about 11pm, so is shattered.

So, I am moving back into my old bedroom with the en-suite and putting Hubby in the spare room. Hopefully, I won’t get woken by my son, and by the time Hubby gets up for work I will have gained a few hours extra kip.

I’m sorry people seemed to think I was going to Pilates today. I was waiting to hear from Teejay about booking a one-to-one session first. I am pleased to announce I’m going Monday afternoon. Me being as organised as I am sorted out what I should wear. Teejay said just to wear socks on my feet, which was great seeing's Teddy ate my trainers. I went in the loft but it would seem I had spared myself the humiliation and chucked all my little gym bunny outfits. I obviously knew the moment would come when I would sadly try to squeeze back into them. So I had to improvise. I do still have my USA Pro aerobic trousers, so that was an easy choice. But I tried on several tops .I need a bit of support and something that would hide my gigantic bra straps.

I thought I would document, with a photo of course, what I looked like from every angle. I mean who knows. I may fall in love with Pilates and become super fit and toned. And oh, won’t it be funny to look back at the fat and lumpy me.

Or more likely I will look back after only going the once and come across the images in five years and think Cor, I used to think I was fat then, bloody hell look at me know! Anyway, they were interesting, because I lifted my top up to fully show the fat off and  my back view showed just how out my of line my left hip is.

2011 Jan 28 gym clothes

You’ll be glad to know the excess of middle aged flesh will be fully covered on the day and I should look like this.


I’m sorry about the camel toe but the trousers are a bit tight……..

I tried a bit of limbering up on my fit ball to get me ready……



Andrea said...

your body really isnt that bad but as for the camel toe it's more like a camels hoof ,and where did you find that pic of me on the fitball??

Scrappi Sandi said...

he he he!!

But...poor Tasmin...hope something else turns up really soon!

Michelle said...

Lol!!! You do make me chuckle!

Fingers crossed something comes up for your daughter really soon!


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