Monday, 24 January 2011

I am not alone

I have just read something that has bought a tear or two to my eye.

Apparently Ulrika Johnsson is suffering with the exact same problem as me. There has been lots of debate about her weight loss and she’s finally said what is causing it. If only my back had resulted in some weight loss. In fact I have had the opposite problem, at 3 am I let myself have little treats to look forward to, like shortbread. Plus standing all day, leads to lots of baking and cooking. Mmmm.

I felt very sad to read about her, but relieved that someone else was experiencing what I do.

In fact I sent her a little message on Facebook. I know how much it has brightened my day to get comments from people.

Like her, I am trying very hard not to let it take over ME. People always comment you look so well, you’ve lost weight and you seem so much better.But although I have slept my first few nights without sleeping tablets and I can sit for longer periods. The niggles are still there, I’m still not ME. Maybe I never will be the old ME again. I live in fear that it will return at full strength at any second.

I get to see my consultant this week and I can’t wait to ask him if I was drugged but awake during my epidural. I have visions of me nattering away, talking crap with my arse in the air. It disturbs me to think about what went on in that theatre. I was going to ask him to take a picture of me with the epidural in. Thank God  I didn’t.


Can you see I have wet hair in the above photo.

I actually went swimming yesterday. I have a friend who was talking of starting a new health drive. So I said, no excuses, lets go. So we did.

I can’t say I enjoy swimming but it helps going with other people. It helped going with people who didn't want to do enough lengths to swim the Channel.  I even took my camera ,which is a no no at swimming pools here. I got a few shots in the changing cubicle and  I asked a passer-by to take a snap of us together.


I had my sisters girls over for the day on Saturday and it was a day of teaching. I taught the girls to make brownies, a meringue and lemon curd. Jade said, I am the Mother she never had. Taya tended to disappear to play on her computer game. She enjoys the eating more than the baking.






When my sister returned from her lunch date, I gave her a lesson on making cushions and using a sewing machine.


She couldn’t get over how easy it is, and is raring to go and get her own machine.

IMG_8807-1The only problem is she may get carried away. She was thinking of making an outfit !!!!


Plus, today someone has asked me to give some talks at a teenage pregnancy centre. I was a bit confused what she wanted me to talk about. But she has lots of ideas, plus she knows its hard to keep me quiet. She said the girls are bored with talks on breast feeding and do-gooding advice. She’d like me to give them some make up and skin care advice. We also talked about me maybe doing a photo session with them and then me teaching them scrapbooking and how to preserve memories of their children. I was very excited about that bit.

I will try not to think about it too much ,otherwise the nerves will take over.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Swimming eh?! Now that'll do your back the world of good, even if you just walk through the water it;s great resistance excercise...enjoy!! What on earth were you photographing in the changing cubicle??? The mind boggles!!

I hadn't heard about Ulrika but I'm sorry to hear that you're still not sleeping through the night, I'd hoped that would be one benefit you'd see.

Great pics of Andrea & the girls...& what a fab opportunity to get involved in 'teaching' those girls & to have such flexibility on the subject matter...I see a whole load of photo shoots ahead!!!


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