Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ho Ho Ho

and a Merry Christmas

I have only just got around to sorting my Christmas Day pictures out for printing.

I must have been a very good girl all year around, as Santa bought me lots of goodies.

A packet of cashews and shortbread!! He obviously knows my vices and the way straight to my heart and hips.

Hubby took me to Brent Cross, laid out in the back of the car, for a spot of retail therapy over Christmas.

He knows I can’t resist this years“IT ” bag.

I have the Celine “boogie” bag. Chloe’s “Paddington” impossibly, heavy bag and numerous Louis Vuitton “IT” bags.

2011 Jan football



So as soon as I saw they had the IT bag of the moment on sale at Brent Cross.

Hubby offered to join the impossibly long line of people queuing,

Of course I went off for a bit of retail therapy. Bless him he bought one for Tasmin as well. But as she's her mothers daughter, she had already spotted them and had queued and got her own.

So it was with delight when he handed over my new “IT” bag……….



Mmmmm cinnamon pretzel my favourite.

Now really, I must have been a good girl as I got lots of goodies.

2010 Dec Christmas day

We had tried to buy the Tiffany “I love you “ bangle in Florida but they didn’t have my size. Hubby is very happy to have found something that he can buy me for my birthday and 25th Wedding Anniversary.There are 3 in total.

Poor Hubby wasn’t as lucky as me. His presents were a bit more practical. Check out the wrapping and comments from Ryan.

2010 Dec Christmas day1

And the children's presents were greeted with surprise.

2010 Dec Christmas day2

Tasmins best surprise was when her boyfriend turned up whilst we were opening our presents. I don’t think she was too pleased with his little tree present.

2010 Dec Christmas day3


We bought the same underwear for my sisters husband, but she seems to have mislaid them now??


Scrappi Sandi said...

Great pics & so worth the wait!! I was scrolling down in earnest to see what bag you had bought & then nearly fell off my chair laughing!! fabulous!! I LOVE Ryans 'Dont f*****g forget pad...I want one too!! Is that pic in Chris's gift collage your house in the snow? Didn't you all do well!!

Looks like Shepreth starts again next Thurs(13th) you think you'll be up to it?

Debbie said...

Pants are hilarious! Glad my husband didn't see those in any shops or I could have ended up with them instead of my 2 sided arse/face bath sponge. Lol


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