Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hello,blogger friends

I am back from hospital after a long day.


First of all I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Megan Lim in Singapore who sent me this amazing parcel of Asian products that she hopes will help my back. How kind is that.

People who don’t read blogs just don’t get it. I bet the majority feel like you really know the people you read about. I mean I would recognise bloggers children/hubbys if I saw them out. I would even know what they got for Christmas, where they proposed to their wife,what ailments they have, etc.

You really get to KNOW people. I mean I drop blogs that are too wordy and I need an English degree just to decipher what they are on about. I like blogs that REAL people write.  That write about their lives.

So I would like to say a BIG thank you to Megan, that was very kind, and to everyone who has left a comment over the last few months about my pain.

Today, was the day I went into hospital for an epidural/spine block and a nerve root injection. I got up super early to have some breakfast before I had to fast. I was very nervous, as I didn’t fancy a needle being put in my painful back, plus I wasn’t sure if I would be able to bend forward enough without the pain being to unbearable.

I was admitted in and shown to my own private room.


They kindly made alterations to my lunch menu , for later, as there was nothing I could eat. I sat and waited. The anaesthetist explained what was going to happen and I mentioned about my bending forwards. Little did I know I needn't have worried.


Down I went at 1pm. I was chatting to the anaesthetist who said this is going to be a very nasty sting. I said thanks you could have just said a slight sting.

I then thought I’ll open my eyes now and I was looking at a different ceiling??? I said to the nurse next to me, how comes I’m in here she said its all finished your in recovery?????

I checked whether I could feel my legs or the pain. I had pins and needles in my feet and yes, I still had pain in my hip.But the top half of my legs was numb.

I went up onto the ward and the nurse half, sat me up for my lunch. I had not sat in that position for months. I asked her if I should try walking and maybe going to the toilet. So she helped me up and my bad leg was a bit weak, so  she helped me to walk . I suddenly felt a sensation around my ankles . Yep I was pissing myself !!! Lucky I used to be a carer for the elderly, so I had no worries and knew the nurse would take it in her stride, just as I used to. In fact, I said to her, this is why I'm in this mess from lifting all those old ladies, mid piss to their commodes!

I rang Hubby to come and sit with me. He was a bit concerned about his seats in his much prized Mercedes, so I had to ask the nurse for a mat.Well,  she returned with one of those pads that only hospitals seem to have anymore. You know the ones that make you walk like John Wayne. I think they are from pre 1950’s. It didn’t even have a sticky side and promptly fell down the toilet when I got home.

Hubby was shocked when he saw where the plasters are from the injections. But not as shocked as me as when I saw the images and realised my arse must have been up in the air spread eagled. No wonder they put me right out. I cannot imagine an epidural going in the coccyx area. I have only ever seen them going in higher up the spine ?


I was going to ask the consultant to take a picture of the epidural in. I took two cameras just in case. But no metals were allowed in the theatre. I bet your glad now aren’t you? You might have been able to see what I’d had for breakfast.

My nether regions are still numb and the top of my bad leg. I am aware of some pain in the leg but nothing like before. I’m just hoping the sensation to go to the toilet comes back??? Could be fun. They gave me toast with “normal “bread and after I pissed myself, I was worried with my IBS it might shoot straight through me. That would have been really fun.

I asked Hubby to bring me something to eat guess what???

IMG_7894 copy

Yep, a Mc Flurry.

At least, I have lots to write about for my Project Life.


Michelle said...

You make me laugh so much girl!!! I was wondering if it was soon for your op, glad it all went well and you were oblivious. I read you blog and you always make me smile, I and I know what you mean about "knowing" people via their blogs. When my kids grow up and I finally have some control in my home, it will look like yours all neat and tidy, but at the moment the kids rule and my lovely decor not all ship shape the way I want it.

Keep doing well and telling it like it is!

Dawn said...

I certainly feel I know you even more after those pictures!!!! Fingers crossed it has done the job and you are to be pain free xx

Andrea said...

ha ha ha i now have a pissy pants as a sister,all i can say is im glad you didnt have a pain in your pubic bone ! hope it sorts your pain x

alexa said...

Really hoping this sorts the pain you are having to cope with, and glad to see that your ability to see the humour in difficult situations is alive and well! Glad you put a photo of your face in, as I'm not sure I'd recognise the rest of you walking down the street. :)

Denise said...

Well- your Project Life will certainly not be boring! I really hope this has helped.Yep,the bloggy world is amazing sometimes -how lovely of that lady from Singapore to send you the stuff.
Wish you well-keep smiling! xx

kym said...

I love your ability to laugh at everything....the bit that made me laugh was chris worrying about his car seat's....Men really get their priority's right, I hope your really feeling the benefit soon.xx

Hilary J said...

Pleased to hear you came through the treatment OK. Fingers crossed it does the trick.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Talk about blink & miss it!!! So glad it wasn't too much of an ordeal & now I just hope it gives you some real relief! I've never seen an epidural insertion that low down either, & my numbness/pins & needles didn't wear off in my right hip totally for several don't panic! LOL at the idea of IBS without the 'need to go' reflex!! What a fabulously kind gesture from Megan to send you that parcel of goodies...can't wait to hear how they work! ♥


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