Monday, 31 January 2011

Going up. Next stop level 3…….

That's what I am doing at this moment whilst writing this.

What you may ask. Well I am pulling my pelvic floor up to a level 3. Or at least trying to. Apparently that's all I can hope for at the moment. I won’t be getting to the Penthouse level 10 for quite a while.

It turns out I had Teejay all to myself the entire time, we had the whole studio just for us. All that equipment just for me.


I wrote for my occupation/ lifestyle that I am a beauty therapist, photographer and blogger. But I think he must have misread it and thought I was a dogger.

Because, he soon had me on my back asking me to flex my pelvic floor and having me act getting in and out of bed. I mean we had only just met !!!!

psoasIt was a very informative session and I have booked to go back to join a group next week.

He started off by stretching my Psoas muscle. He noticed I was dragging my leg and was having problems putting my leg down.

I have strict instructions to do my pelvic floor exercises 24/7, he recommended I put stickers around to remind me to do them.

So I now have motivation stickers everywhere and I mean everywhere.

2011 Jan stickers

Plus he’s told me to swap the side of the bed I sleep on. It might explain why my back goes into spasm sometimes when I get up . As I get up on the problem side. I’m willing to try anything. Even though I’ve slept on that side for 28 years!!!

I stopped for a McFlurry (of course ) and I had company.


I was full of beans when I got home and the sun was setting, so I dragged Tasmin and Teddy out for a walk.

2011 Jan 31st pilatesWell we tried to take Teddy.

The moment he leaves the house he becomes mesmerised and hypnotised by leaves. He gets rooted to the spot.








and this is why we all hate taking Teddy for walks.

Its embarrassing.

He’s like this for the entire walk.



Elizabeth said...

The last shot of your daughter is definitely my favorite. The lighting and focus are perfection.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad to hear you had a positive experience with Teejay...he certainly seems to know what he's talking about!! Keep up those pelvic floor excercises! Clench...hold...relax!!!

I love that last photo of Tasmin too...perfect!! Teddy still has a way to go yet to looks as pretty methinks!!!! Still cute though!!

andrea said...

i cant believe the pic of the bird go look at fb and i have the same pic of the same bird on my car mirror ,was it at london colney mcdonalds? if not it must be dad in disguise ,how spooky !! unless it probably gets fed there everyday !! hope you didnt fanny fart with your instructor as you wouldnt be able to blame anyone else !!


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