Sunday, 16 January 2011

friends and family

have been on the cards for the last two days.

I think I must be hitting the menopause, I’ve been having hot sweats since coming out of hospital. Or it could be to do with the epidural or steroid injection I had. But boy have I been rosy cheeked. Its fooled people into thinking I am fully recovered. But I have been fighting a fair few twinges the last few days. I did sleep with just one sleeping tablet(instead of 3 ) last night. But I had to get up in the night for painkillers and a heat bag. Hubby was hoping his sleepless nights were coming to an end. I thought it was because he hated seeing me in so much pain, but apparently it was because he was fretting about the electric I was using every night with my heat pad!!!

Phew, here comes another personal summer.!!!!

I had some lovely friends pop in with gifts for me yesterday. Some beautiful tulips from Trish, whose mother was one of the ladies I used to care for many years ago.


and Linda arrived with a belated Christmas treat. A beautifully wrapped cupcake book from Love bakery.


I read it cover to cover this morning whilst waiting for the drugs to kick in. I can’t wait to use some new recipes.

Because I was expecting my lovely visitors, I made some Ferrero Rocher flavoured inspired cupcakes. The Hummingbird Bakery chocolate and hazelnut cupcakes. I thought the cake mix was a bit dry, so I will alter that next time. But the icing was gorgeous.

For the icing
250g icing sugar
80g butter, at room temp
25 ml milk
80g nutella

Mix all the above ingredients together until incorporated and continue mixing for about 5 minutes. The more mixing, the fluffier the icing!


Unfortunately it was the back of the car for me again today to pop to my sisters. I had lots of bits and pieces that had come from Tasmins flat that we didn’t need. Andrea was rather excited when she saw what I had. We set to work on Taya’s bed, with some of the cushions I had made for Tasmin.


Look what Jade, my sisters oldest bought to show me.


Its my old Sweet April doll. She’s about 40 years old.

I know its mine because it doesn’t have some punk haircut that my sister was famous for giving her dolls.

Shame, I broke her rocking horse she could have had fun in that.

We have lots of toys saved by our parents and all four of our children have enjoyed playing with them.

Hopefully, our grandchildren will one day as well.

Here are some snapshots from Andreas house today.

Jades room and ensuite bathroom

2011 15th Jan1

2011 15th Jan2

Andreas has even made a decision and bought a rug for the family room !!!!!!!



Her poor ensuite is still being a nightmare. They have had leaks, tiles removed, taps scratched, wrong cupboards arrived and no granite.

2011 15th Jan4

but hopefully my star of a hubby has come up with an easy solution for their plumber. He’s worked out how the leak can be fixed without lifting all the floor/taking down the kitchen ceiling.The plumber just wanted to mastic the leaky pipe!!!!

Now, my sister isn’t naturally tidy. She had a rose tinted idea, that when she moved into this house, she would morph into the perfect housewife.Yeh right !!!

She had been trying to make a decision (again) of whether to do away with her proposed dressing room. YES is the answer. If it was mine then NO. It would be all co-ordinated, carefully designed and in perfect order AT ALL TIMES.

This is what Andreas looks like at the moment. I couldn’t even open the door, they was so much in there.


So hopefully this will become a family bathroom ( for Taya )

Please GOD.

A leopard never changes its spots.


alexa said...

So sorry that you are still in pain :( and amazed you can fit in so much when you are. Those cushions are very pretty and thank-you for that lovely icing recipe...

Scrappi Sandi said...

Keeping everything crossed that it's just a's early days yet! You need a fan to carry for those warmer moments...want to borrow mine?!!! LOL! Great pics of Andreas house...gorgeous cushions...LOL at the dressing room did you both turn out so differently?!! I'm amazed you've been baking & those cakes look 'to die for'!

kym said...

Cakes look fantastic ! !... I also had a sweet april doll but i did'nt keep mine, you are so good to have kept yours in such good condition...I have been waiting to read that you were'nt in pain anymore, I hope it gets better soon..xx


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