Sunday, 9 January 2011

first cream tea of the year.

I have had a bad few days/nights pain wise. Nothing is easing it.

I have grabbed some much needed sleep each afternoon and woken all disorientated.



Poor hubby hasn’t had much of a weekend off.Yesterday he went to Sheffield to clear out our daughters university flat/prison cell. I think she is glad to see the back of it. Even though we have to pay for it for the rest of the year!


Chris was glad to see Sheffield for the last time. I can't say we took to the City. And why anyone would like to live in a prison cell for years I have no idea.

IMG_8146 copy

We now have to find a home for everything!!!!……

I asked Hubby if we could go out for a few hours today to give me a chance to have a walkabout. This sometimes easies my pain.IMG_7566



So I laid in the back of the car and we popped to Cambridge for a couple of hours of browsing around a few shops, but mainly to get me out of the house and get a bit of fresh air.





2011 Jan 9th Granchester

I can’t go to Cambridge without popping to Grantchester. Hubby was trying to tell me we had driven past, but even laid in the back of the car I could tell where we were by the buildings.


2011 Jan 9th Granchester1



It was very busy seeing how cold it was.

But it was a beautiful  winters day and we’re British, so sitting in an orchard was a pleasure.




Sadly the trip out didn’t work and I’m still in pain. But at least I got a picture for my Project Life.

IMG_7651day copy


alexa said...

Wonderful photos, Karen! Love the one of afternoon tea outside in January - as you say, it could only be us Brits! Hope the enjoyment of the day helped to ease the pain.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Sorry you're still suffering, but glad you had a bit of distraction today!! Only in England would anyone sit outside in January, wrapped in a rug to drink tea & butter scones!! wish I could have been there!!! Stunning photo's too!!


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