Sunday, 9 January 2011

And I thought it was only me….

I have had a lovely bed fellow the last week. In fact I shall miss her now that I have finished with her.

Dawn Frenchs new book. “Dear fatty” is a fantastic read. It made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night and cry at the sad bits. Lots of it, was as if , it was me retelling a tale. It inspired me for lots of blog posts and I wrote little prompts in my bedside notebook.


This excerpt from the book could have been written by me. Except of course she is a better writer!

I hate flying. Flying,for me, is utterly exhausting, for the simple reason that it is my duty (on behalf of all passengers,I hasten to add) to keep the plane in the air by sheer force of my mind….if i lose concentration for even a minute ,the massive metal crate will surely plummet earthwards and hundreds of tragic deaths would be on my conscience………………I’m not sure how all the the many planes I’m not on stay up.There must be some cosmic system whereby a mind/plane controller like me is placed on each and every flight.


My thoughts exactly. I am one of those controllers. No need to thank me ,I do it for my own safety.

I hate flying. Luckily I love packing so I throw myself into the task, in a big way. It’s only when I actually get to the airport and give up my beautifully, packed bag that I remember that I have to get on a plane.

I HAVE to have a window seat, to help me with my concentration. I hate flying at night, as it makes the concentration a lot trickier,as I can’t see the ground. I’m sure the pilot has something to do with the moment we take off, but without me holding my cross and chanting in my head, I am sure we would surely crash.


When I spoke to my sister last night about it. It turns out she is a mind/plane controller as well!!!

She has to do a word search for the entire flight….. and she HATES word searches.

She buys one especially for the flight. It might explain why our apartment in Spain has a cupboard full of unfinished word searches. If her children dare to talk to her and ruin her concentration, they have to be reprimanded. She MUST concentrate on that word…..

It so exhausting trying to keep an entire plane and its passengers in the air I can tell you. I look at Hubby,headphones on snoring and think how does he do it.

Are you a mind controller as well?


Denise said...

Oh my god how familiar is this - I HAVE to wear my gold St.Christopher and have to keep twiddling it - I HAVE to keep my eye on the hostesses to make sure they are looking 'normal' and not like they are worried..etc etc etc I must get that book!

alexa said...

I'm OK in planes as long as I don't think about how much space there is below my feet! Sounds like a great read ...

Scrappi Sandi said...

I could have lent you that book last year...I had it for Christmas '09! I loved it & like you could hear myself talking in some of her tales!!

kym said...

I love flying....from the moment I arrive at the airport I'm so excited..ever since I was a little girl all I ever wanted to be was an air hostess...
All the traveling you do I can't belive you hate flying !!
P.s thanks to who ever keeps my plane up in the air xx


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