Saturday, 11 December 2010


sorry I am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Its 5.30am on a Saturday morning and I am here stood up in my scrapbook room.

I just don’t know what to do with myself.I am in too much pain to sleep or lay down all I can do is stand.Its not to great when you are so tired and you have realised you have taken your codeine painkillers 2 hours too early.So now I feel very peculiar.

What can you do when you have laid down for just 3 hours,but the pain is too bad.So I am cocooned here in my room so that I don’t wake my children or the dog!

The only thing i can think of doing at this time is surfing the net,stood with a back brace shaking!

I was referred for physio yesterday only to be told I was too severe for her to touch me.She can’t believe I haven’t been referred to a consultant as she fears I need operating on.

So back to the Dr I went to tell him.But unfortunately I can’t get an appointment with him until next Friday and he wants to see me in person.So I have another week to endure before I am even at the next stage.

Does anyone have any advice of how I can get a bit of respite from the pain.I have surfed the net for weeks but I have tried everything with no results.

Ohh I am now feeling very unwell th tablets are making me feel very weird.Unfortunately my Husband is away.So I am just writing this to stay focused and not fall down…

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Andrea said...

i think you may want to keep pestering your doctor he cant expect you to wait a week ,what about going to A& E what a nitemarexx


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