Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Just a quickie before the sleeping tablets hopefully hit.


I was so chuffed to see my Journal Your Christmas album from last year got a mention on Shimelles blog.

I can’t believe it been a full year since I made it. It seems just like yesterday. I loved  putting it together and I would recommend anyone to take a class by Shimelle.

Here’s a link to my complete album on Flickr.

I have the album out with all the boxed Christmas decorations. At the moment the tree is looking a bit bare. It just has a bauble I bought In Disney World and four monogram decorations from Pottery Barn.

But I wanted to look at the new bits and bobs before they get lost among the hundreds of colourful stash I will start adding to the tree, tomorrow.

I am supposed to be flying to Glasgow tomorrow for a few days and a Christmas works party. But I am in too much pain to fly, so Hubby is going solo and I am going to cook up some Christmas pudding soufflés from Delia Smith instead. It will be a couple of days of cooking and hopefully finishing my digi holiday album. Then I can take advantage of a promotion and get it all printed.

I’m not even thinking about having to buy all our Christmas presents. Hubby will have to do it this year.

That will make a change.

I’ve not bought cards or anything.Very rare for someone as anal and organised as me.

It was also the first year in my children's life they didn’t get an advent calendar.

But not to worry.

I made sure Teddy's got one!

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Cheryl said...

I hope you are not in as much pain tomorrow, sending you soothing hugs. Your JYC album is gorgeous x


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