Saturday, 4 December 2010

Home, Sweet, Home

Its so lovely to be home.

Especially, as I nearly wasn’t allowed on the plane and a Dr had to give approval that I was fit to fly. ( ssshhh, I wasn’t really)

I haven’t slept since Thursday. But I am trying to catch up with my emails, blogs and XFactors before I hopefully will get a few hours sleep tonight.

I hope you all missed me.

It was very frustrating being out at sea (and with the time difference), not being able to communicate by phone or email.


Our phone only periodically worked on the Cruise. So it was very distressing to pick up an urgent text from our daughter and have to wait hours to talk to her. Over the next week we had to have snatched calls about her future.

She has decided to leave University in her 2nd year. She was very unhappy last year but kept struggling on, but this year it has become too much and she has decided enough is enough. After not eating and sleeping for four days she thought it wasn’t worth it anymore.

So she has lots to settle. The worst part being that she has signed contracts for her accommodation next year, so we may have to pay for 2 years worth of extortionate accommodation for nothing.

So it was very hard for us to fully enjoy our holiday, add to the fact that my problems with my back got worse and worse. I was finding it increasingly hard to sit and sleep. Two things you do a lot of on a cruise and a trip around Florida.

Everyone got used to me on the ship having to get up mid meal for a walkabout and me sounding like I was having wild passionate sex every time I moved.


But I really tried to not let it spoil my holiday.


Add to the fact, I had to lay across the back seats of the car for two days for 5 hours at a time and I even had to pee in my special cruise commemoration cup in a traffic jam to the airport!!! Chris didn’t screw the lid on correctly, so the centre console got a nice dousing as we hit the speed bump as we turned into the car rental drop off. We made a hasty retreat.

Well, as hasty a girl can, dragging her leg, screaming and pulling two cases.


Oh, and did I mention about when we went to speak to a chemist at Target, about the fact I was running out of painkillers. I only had 5 tablets left for 2 whole days and nights. Apparently I am already on the strongest stuff that I can be given and a Dr has to prescribe them. So as we went to pay for the heat patches for the flight home. I was a bit taken aback when the man in front of us at the till was suddenly jumped on by at least ten men. Repeatedly punched and kicked and his arm dislocated. It was at this point I noticed one of them was pointing a machine gun at his head.

I promptly took my purchases to a different till, but Chris carried on standing there? It turned out they were the local police, obviously arresting him for something.

He was only getting a refund for some jeans? Mind you they pulled a gun out of his pocket.

Everyone apart from the poor girl who was serving him carried on as normal. Very bizarre. It would only happen in America. Can you imagine that in your local Tesco?


Scrappi Sandi said...

Welome Home!!! I'm sorry to hear that you've been in such pain & that you now have tasmins news to deal with. Love the photo of Chris as 'Grumpy'...lok forward to hearing all about your trip & seeing some pics too! C U Soon! ♥

Dawn said...

I for one have missed your posts. Welcome home and I hope everything soon gets sorted for you xxxx

kym said...

I have also missed your post's, Welcome home, I have been checking every night to see if there was an update from you, sorry to hear your back is still bad, hope to see you soon xx

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that a girl I was at uni with decided to quit after one year. She then went travelling to India for ages, came home, got a fab job, brought a flat in North London and then began a part time degree at Birkbeck - all in the three years it took me to finish uni, do a PGCE and get a job!! Food for thought and I hope your Tamsin finds her 'path' too.

Alexa said...

Oh my goodness, what a number of adventures! A roller-coaster of a post - you had me smiling about the sex and the pee, wincing at the pain you've been in, and alarmed at the punches and gun bit. I'll need a tranquillizer at the ready next time I come on here!


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