Thursday, 9 December 2010

Here goes

Some of these posts maybe a bit random and not in the sequence of our holiday, but I have a free day today, so I have dosed myself up with painkillers for a day of scrapping and blogging.

But to give my tablets a chance of working. I baked some soufflé Christmas puddings, from Delia Smiths Christmas recipe book. An Aga is very hit and miss when it comes to temperatures. So I made the mix, put it into ramekins and a Bain Marie and crossed my fingers. But even after the allotted time, they were cooked perfectly on the top and raw at the bottom. So I had to think fast, as they were sinking fast!

The microwave had to come to the rescue. So now my soufflés have gone from raw offerings to splurges on a plate. But they taste OK, so I will have to think of a different way of presenting them on Christmas Day.

I was cross about the amount of effort, time and money, I had wasted.I should have just done what normal people do, buy a shop bought pud.

Tasmins first full day back at home yesterday was spent unpacking, preparing a CV . Then she went to several places to enquire about temporary work, until she gets back on her feet and sorts out what she is going to do with her life.

I had made (forced ) both of my children to work in their teens.They never wanted to do it ,as they had plenty of pocket money/inheritance from my Dad. But I told them one day the experience would work in their favour. How glad is Tasmin now that I made her.In less than 24 hours, she has had her first phone call asking her to work. She starts tonight at a pub on the corner of our street!!

She also had lots of very favourable interest after talking to all the managers wherever we went. There seems there will be quite a few openings in January when the gap year students go off traveling.

So I have her, busy in the kitchen filling in forms and making phone calls to keep her options open.

Working in a pub, hopefully won’t turn out to be a career choice but it will keep her busy, give her some ready money and look good on a CV that she is at least employable.

Any way here goes on the digi layouts for my holiday blurb book.

Days 1+ 2 Miami

day2-Miami copy

Joining the cruise:

day3-join-cruise copy

That will do for now. I’m off  for some lunch.

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