Saturday, 18 December 2010

Deja vu

Its weird because this time last year.I was also backwards and forwards to the hospital. ( post here )

I was sent for loads of tests as I had been into my Doctor about the constant pain in my hip and back. I was having trouble sleeping so I was sent for loads of tests on my kidneys and bladder, only to get the all clear! Great but I had originally gone to him about my hip pain ???

So here I am, almost exactly a year later still suffering and backwards and forward to another private hospital for tests.

Same problem, just more acute now.

My new consultant, this time a back specialist is pretty sure I won’t need an operation.

He says he has only operated on two people with my type of slipped disc. Great.

But then I was like, shit ,what if mines one of the odd ones. He’s only done the op twice before!!!

So he doesn’t trust the hospital MRI, as they have used incorrect terms.(I thought they had, as I have a certificate in anatomy) So I am off for yet another one this week, and then because of Christmas I won’t get to see him until Dec 30th.

He’s hoping he will be able to use a spine block and some injectable to calm the nerve down. GREAT can’t wait.

I got  a lovely parcel today from Erin in Germany. We met on Karen Russell's photography workshop. I think we shall be having an alternative to manky Christmas pudding this year.


All the decorations are down from the loft.

2010 Dec Xmas decorations

and this lonely decoration from guess where ?

Has been joined by lots more.


I have half heartedly decorated the house as no one will be coming to see them this year. I just spend my days cleaning and standing in the kitchen . No scrapping or surfing the net. Just standing.

I’m looking forward to sitting down and sleeping on my side in 2011.



kym said...

Hi Karen,
I'v waited a week to hear how you got on, as you have said it's like grounghog day ! ! my treatment is still going on from this time last year aswell,
I bet the house looks lovely, wish I was coming over to see you for a pedicure and catch up,
Hope your next lot of treatment helps relive the pain. xx

Michelle said...

Karen - I don't know you in real life but last week I wondered how you were all week, and actually thought they might have brought you into hospital with your pain. Feeing for you as I know that you would like things just right (like me) and the body is not playing nice! Happy (pain free) Christmas to you....


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