Thursday, 9 December 2010

All aboard

the largest cruise ship in the World.


Now these were my knickers for the first leg of the holiday……


and these were for the second leg………


I was hoping to do a lot of eating on the cruise.Unlimited food, 24 hours a day.I didn’t disappoint and headed straight for the buffet as soon as we boarded.

The only thing I found with the cruise was all the food looked lovely, there was masses to choose from. But all of it had little taste.

I found myself having three small platefuls at each meal.But I would only take a few mouthfuls of each. I am not a great lover of pre made food from supermarkets or shop bought cakes and that is what all the meals reminded me of.

And if I see mashed potato again, I will scream. It was with every meal.

I would have killed for a roast potato.




I told Chris it was casual for dinner on the first night, but to dress smart.

I couldn’t stop laughing when he came in the bathroom dressed like this.


IMG_4498The weather started off hot and continued for the rest of our time on the ship.

So I had to consume lots of sprinkles,unlimited ice creams.


day4-cruising at sea copy

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