Sunday, 7 November 2010

What you don’t know

is I hand wrote this title on my new Wacom pen tablet.

I have been getting a lot of RSI in my hand and wrist lately. It seems that every bit of me aches nowadays.

Hubby sat and watched me make a digital layout. I was making them by using my touch pad, on my laptop, in bed so it can get a bit awkward. He decided I needed a wireless mouse, but when we got to the shop I remembered that Scott Kelby used a Wacom pen and tablet. So that’s just what we came home with.

For the last hour I have been playing around with the pen and its controls. I finished off a digital layout I had started this morning.

I wasn’t happy with the layouts I had already made concerning my children's names for Shimelles “True Stories” class. They didn’t reflect my style of scrapping at all. So as it was digital scrapbooking day yesterday I took advantage of some of the sales going on and bought a couple of kits, more to my taste.

After a little play I came up with these. They are still not right,but I had stupidly saved Ryan's one ,this morning. I am now  unable to change anything unless I start all over again. After making Tasmins I didn’t like the font colour,but I wanted to keep them both the same.

Oh well, you live and learn.

This digital lark is certainly a test of my computer skills or lack of them!!!

It seems I am surrounded by technology nowadays.I have borrowed my sisters Wii Fit for a few days to see if a bit of exercise will help my back.I have been in agony for the last 36 hours  and have had to resort to my stick again to move about. The Dr recommended some back exercises but that is easier said then done when you can’t get back up off the floor!

So I have tried a bit of hula, ski slalom and some basic yoga. Seeings I have no flexibility in my spine,I look a bit weird trying to bend sideways.

We are hoping the heat in Florida will give me a miraculous cure. I’m not sure if the heat in Spain this summer was the missing link or if it was just a fluke that in 48 hours I was “cured”.

But fingers crossed as I don’t want the pain to get as severe as it did last time.


domestic goddess said...

love your digi layouts Karen, gorgeous!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Another two fab LO's & I think the font colour is just fine...which title did you handwrite BTW? Be careful on the Wi-fit won't you...don't want you spending your cruise in a back brace!!!! The Gym-Ball is proving elusive, but then again if it didn't jump out & bite him, Lee wouldn't see it, so I will get up there myself & have a root around!!

Ginger said...

I think you did a great job on the LO`s. Beautiful elements in them.


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