Monday, 15 November 2010

A rats tale

I went and bought a Wii fit plus game last week and we have been all been having fun on it.

I mean take today. I went for a fly to my cruise ship, I took a leisurely jog in the park, plus a bit of yoga. All finished with some step aerobics and hula hooping. Phew.

Well, how can it be that I have gained 5lbs in one night ?????

Mmmm, let me think…………..

Hubby is away enjoying the sun in California, so I only have two of us to feed. We are both easily pleased. So I took the day easy, cooking wise and enjoyed a few treats……



snack whilst shopping in Morrison's


I ate its brother a family bar of whole nut in one evening!!!


(This ones for tonight)

oh and of course after my dinner I had to have a treat for being such a good girl .


But one bonus was, I am getting younger by the day. The Wii fit now says I have a fit age of 23yrs……….

Now for the rats tale.

We have a rat that likes to enjoy the amenities of our garden. It likes the lovely arranged wood pile, the yummy walnuts strewn about and of course the comfort of life under the summer house.

On several occasions I have looked out of the window to see him sat. bold as brass tucking into a walnut in the middle of the lawn. I have to do a double take, as we also have squirrels who visit for the same snack.

They look identical apart from the tail.

Now the rat doesn't bother me. He bothers Teddy and Hubby. In fact he drives them both mad. They are very territorial.How dare that rat invade their space.

So Hubby has tried poison, huge rat traps and even blowing them up with this concoction. It seems rats don’t fart (unlike Teddy!) so if they ingest a baking soda concoction they blow up.

But no success. In fact I think that rat was poking its tongue out when it was sat on the lawn. So Hubby borrowed a gun!!!

He loaded it up and sat and waited……..and waited……..and waited

but no sign of a rat, he was snoozing somewhere.

So how to kill a rat?

What is considered the most dangerous thing known to man???

A women behind a steering wheel,of course !!!!

Yep, I killed the rat today.

At sometime in the last 24hrs, I must have hit it as I parked on the drive!!!

There it was as dead as a dodo……….

I’m off to hit that spare bar of chocolate to congratulate myself.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh my!!! talk about LOL!!! That deserves to be documented for posterity! In fact I think you should have the rat stuffed to keep Stanley company in the kids sitting room!!!

Will you be joining us at Shepreth this Thursday?...or will it be an early night in preparation for your travels!! I know you're already packed!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god that is so funny ! ! I could'nt stop laughing that rat was'nt prepared for your driving,

Can't remember when you go away but have a lovely time, xx

Anonymous said...

Oh fantastic me and teddy can sleep better at night,you shouldn't be driving my car at 100 mph up the drive !!!!

Anonymous said...

so funny that your husband failed and you managed to do it without trying. made me laugh!


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