Thursday, 11 November 2010

pain free Christmas shopping

my arse!!!!!

I had a lovely day in London yesterday with my friend Linda.She had FREE tickets to The Country Living Christmas Fair. It was a long day, as I woke at 4am in pain. It was a bad omen for the day ahead. I struggled with the pain all day.

We hit all the stalls and worked our way around. We saw lots of lovely things but we were very good and only came away with a few things.

It smelt so beautiful in the hall, mainly from this stand of cinnamon and dried oranges.

We were both glad to have a sit down and stuff ourselves at my favourite restaurant.It was jam packed even on a winter Wednesday evening.


I’m taking it easy today, I have to try and get some energy to have a go on my new Wii fit and bounce around on my gym ball.

But I think it may have to be a day of painkillers and TV.




Here’s what I have come up with in the last few days for Shimelles “True Stories” class.

This was supposed to be a layout using the missing words prompt. But the truth was, I  just couldn’t be bothered with the strife involved in getting my family to help me out, so I just came up with this.

After reading prompt 11 I had so many ideas, but so far I have only made one digital layout to cover the prompt

Its very tongue in cheek.And of course I wouldn’t really want to sell him.


alexa said...

Absolutely love that cookery page! and envying you the Country Living Fair ... Hope the pain eases very quickly so you can enjoy the TV properly. :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Nice to see a paper LO making an appearance...that said, another great digi & don't let Teddy see'll give him nightmares!!! Hope you get that pain back under control soon & have a fab weekend! :)

Giselle said...

Hi Karen
Just caught up with your comment over on my blog...I'm delighted that you've book marked it :)

Have had lots of fun reading through yours, the Country Living Fair looks fab! Good luck with the Wii fit & don't sell your dog! LOL


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