Monday, 15 November 2010



I’ve just started tucking into my second bar of chocolate.

I’m sat watching I’m a Celebrity Get  Me Out of Here and as Gillian mcKeith went in the ground (what a wimp) I looked closely at her.

All those years of telling everyone they are eating shit and that if we ate like her we could look and feel better

What a load of crap. She’s just 4 years older than me. She looks old enough to be my mum!!!!


Pass me the chocolate now,and constipation here I come.

I’d rather be fat and happy, than be remotely like her.


Michelle said...

Go girl - you are soooo right.... She is a state and when she was passed out on the ground she looked like she was wearing a full piece support underware...LOL!

Dawn said...

You do so make me chuckle - have a fabulous holiday - can't wait to hear all your tales

alexa said...

Ha, you've made me smile on my way to bed! Not seen the series, but remember her original programmes, and often thought that more energy and radiance would prove her point better. Enjoy the chocolate with a clear conscience!

Cheryl said...

Not seen any of it but did used to watch her when I was younger she looks awfull, you enjoy your chocolate x

Scrappi Sandi said...

OMG is she only in her 40's...I thought she was mid 50's at least!! I'm afraid I was in bed by 10pm last night, so missed her trial, but I didn't think she'd do well...I'll have to catch it on-line!

BTW I'm meeting Robynne for coffee on Thursday morning if you're free....usual place & after the school run!

kym said...

I also could'nt belive how awful Gillian looked, and I'm even more shocked now I now she's only in her 40's....

She's not a very good example for healthy eating ! !

And you know what they say " there are no wrinkles on balloons ", pass me another chocolate please

Rumtruffle said...

Hi Karen,
Missed you Thursday evening and I only found out today how old Gillian is and I just can't believe it she looks ancient and scrawny, you look much younger than her x


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