Monday, 1 November 2010

Just think if……

I hadn’t picked to wear a certain white T shirt, things may have been very different.

30 years ago in December I was called to the phone. There was a boy on the other end, wanting to know if I would go out for a date with him? As I had just started going out with someone new , I said “no.” But my mum picked up the party line and said “yep, she’ll go. What day, time are you coming to get her”!!!

I had been going out with the same boy for 2 years and at 16 years old I decided it was time to have a change. But my mum wasn't so keen on the “nice lad” who played the French horn, who I had now started dating.

She was desperate for me to go out with anyone, other than that poor lad.

So, I found myself on a cold December Friday night in the house on my own.Waiting for someone to pick me up, who I didn’t know .

When he arrived I thought, “Oh no, its the wrong boy !!”

Chris lived around the corner from us, but I had never noticed  him before. I actually thought it was another lad from the  street coming to get me. But I couldn’t be mean and not open the door. So I found myself in a car going “North” up the A1M- thinking I was being kidnapped. I had never been North up the A1M before !!

It turned out Chris had, had his eye on me for a number of years. We went to the same Juniors and Secondary school. I had once played a game of football with him on a school playing field, during the school holidays. I would love to say I remember him, but at the time, I only had eyes for the very pretty boy who lived in the corner house.

I had on a white T shirt with my first bra underneath. The T shirt had three little straps holding it together at the shoulder.It showed off the fact I was wearing a bra very nicely. Just the effect I wanted. How could I have known that my top and breasts would have such an effect on someone else in the other football team.

So it was years later when Chris heard from his sister that I had finished with my longstanding boyfriend. He was straight on the phone

So its nice to think I made someone's dream come true.


My mum forever the family photographer, took this picture the first weekend Chris took me out, 30 years ago this December.

The other poor lad didn’t stand a chance.

I mean Chris had a purple, Ford Capri car. How could he compete with only his French horn!!!


Scrappi Sandi said...

I know I've heard this story before but it bears hearing/reading again!! A purple Ford Capri eh! Well...he was only young & he's made up for it since!!! That's a fabulous both look so sweet!! I love what you're doing with digi & can't wait to see the finished book! BTW...Will you need picking up for Shepreth on Thursday?

Sarah C said...

What a brilliant story. Love how you've journalled it and your LO is perfect.

Thanks for the encouragement for the market photos. I've decided that as soon as my leg's healed and I can go out walking again, I'm going to brave it x

alexa said...

What are Mums like, eh? Love your pretty page and that sweet photo, and what a great story ...

matryoshkas said...

what a fabulous story!

i loved the way you wrote it... and i had to check through your blog posts just to see if you married that boy with the purple Ford capri!


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