Sunday, 21 November 2010

just because

they made me smile when I took them.


or not, as in this case. I have a trick for getting pictures of us as a couple.If I ever see someone taking pictures of their group,I always offer to take a picture for them. It works every time.Then you just ask could you take one of us? It was fine in the old days with my point and shoot camera ,but they are a bit intimidated when I hand over my new baby with its long lens.

This lady kept on backing up. I thought, boy what is she trying to get in the picture? Of course when I looked at it, we were out of focus. She had focused on the trees. I mean, there is a bit of leading lines and she’s tried to use the rule of thirds. But Chris has a bin (merger) right behind him and our legs have been cut off!! Maybe I shall have to hand over the point and shoot from now on.or take them at arms length.


The clothes in the shops here are very “bling”. Everything has to have a sparkle on it. Men's clothes included.


and checkout this mannequins “junk in the trunk” torso


on the path to the beach-he was huge.


especially for Sandra.A whole counter of Ojon products.I can hear her having an orgasm right now.


especially for Tasmin. Hi ya.



I am again at Starbucks for breakfast this time.Unfortunately still in real agony.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Sigh!!!! Thanks for that Ojon fix!!

Saw the beach pic & thought...glad to see you pain-free enough to sit cross legged....but how did you tan that fast?!!!

It all sounds great so far & as usual, most impressed with how your digi album is looking!!

Try & keep that excess baggage bill to a minimum!!! Have Fun!!

tasmin said...

i want that chihuaha lol! hope uve got me lots of nice presents lol! tas x


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