Saturday, 20 November 2010

The journey

Well, after a foggy and painful drive to Heathrow, I made it in one piece.


The airport was packed and for some reason, I must have looked like a terrorist, and I was sent for a full body scan.

So some poor bloke got to see a 46 year old woman in big comfy knickers.Luckily, they couldn’t see the dime bar contraband tucked away in my main suitcase.

I could have done with it for the journey though. I always forget that there is rarely anything for me to eat on plane. So for 9 hours I had just a choc ice and a bag of hula hoops. I was sat next to a lady who quite obviously was a smoker, as it emanated from all her pores.Not so nice when you're like me, and  have a very, sensitive nose.Add to the fact that Chris had booked me one of the last window seats, right at the back of the plane and next to the toilets!!

I tried listening to the meditation music. At points I could feel myself drifting away, but then my nostrils would be hit with the stale waft of fags and the toilet behind me would flush.

So I was glad to arrive at a warm Miami airport,where Chris was waiting for me. I would love to say he was waiting with a huge bunch of flowers and that, that would set the tone for the holiday. But alas no. He did say he’d had to hold back the tears. Ahh bless.

So we drove straight to our hotel on Miami beach south. Its right in the Art Deco area. I had already planned where we were to eat, and so as soon as our bags were dumped in the lovely all white room,we headed to Lincoln Road. We stopped off at a few shops on the way. In the window of one shop was a real fur gilet, just like I have been after for years. But it was well over a thousand dollars, so I said a sad goodbye to it.

There were lots of restaurants,so I was glad I had already made the choice back home from the safety of the internet. I had chosen Sushi Siam. It was a restaurant that specialised in Sushi, of course, but it also had a vast Thai menu. So it kept both of us happy. Chris had some disgusting, sushi shrimp crap. Whilst I had chicken satay and a Thai green curry. Delicious. We sat outside watching the sights of Miami going by.


By this time it was about 3am for me so we went back to the hotel.But I am a bad sleeper at the best of times,and because I had  just eaten my sleeping tablets don’t work.So I read and read and finally dropped off at 12pm.

I awoke fully refreshed and raring to go ,but it was only 2am! Hubby can sleep anywhere and at anytime, so for the next few hours I tried to drift in and out of sleep. But by 5am I gave up and plugged my dear friend, the laptop in.

So that's where I am now, I’ve made todays page for my book, see below and downloaded the photos I took yesterday.

Its still pitch black outside at 7am. Plus boy is Miami noisy. People sure like to use their horns at night.

I’ve just opened the blinds, so hopefully when the sun comes up it will wake Hubby. LOL

Funnily enough as I was spell checking this. I think a couple above may be having some jiggy jiggy upstairs there was some rhythmic squeaking and its awoke Chris. I hope he doesn’t get any ideas!!!

day1-the journey

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