Saturday, 20 November 2010

bloody 4am!!!!!!!!!!

In my last post I said I’d woken at 5am and decided after a restless night to get up and play on my laptop.

Well, no wonder it was still pitch black at 7am. It turned out our clock in our room was an hour fast !!!!!!!

So I had only slept a couple of hours.

We were up and out of the hotel at 8.30 in search of breakfast. It was offered complimentary at our hotel but I already had a place in mind.

2010 Nov Miami

So we hit the pathway along the beach and walked most of Miami South Beach.


in search of The News Cafe. It’s the in place to eat breakfast and it overlooks the beach.

2010 Nov Miami1

Then it was off to the shops for a spot of retail therapy.

Right at the end of the outdoor mall was my favourite shop. I wonder what that could be? I couldn’t resist a little purchase.

2010 Nov Miami2

(PS I didn’t buy any of the above)

God knows where we are going to put the new stuff, our cases are both full to the brim. I was over on all my cases on the way out. And Chris picked up my Becky Higgins Project Life in Chicago and it fills an entire case on its own!!


Then it was time to hit the beach.


2010 Nov Miami3

Hands up who thought that was me sat on the beach???

I couldn’t stop laughing when I spotted her.

Perfect I thought.

I hope you appreciate this blog.I am sat in agony on a chair in Starbucks.

Off for dinner now.I’m all dressed up and decided to wear my one and only pair of heels.Of course my heels have blistered and I’m now wearing flip flops!!!

We’re off on our cruise tomorrow.So adios for a week.

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Andrea said...

glad to see you managed to get into your yellow thong and that you have lost a bit of weight !!Hope your siatica gets better x


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