Sunday, 12 September 2010

Where can it be?

Last Bank Holiday my watch went missing.To begin with we thought it would just turn up.But after over a week I started to worry.We searched everywhere and I mean everywhere.My bracelet that I wear with it,was missing as well.So I still held out hope,that we would just come across them together somewhere.

But Hubby today started to worry that they might have got put out with the rubbish.Our bins get emptied every two weeks,so if they were thrown out,they would still be there.So bless him,Hubby went through every bit of rubbish.

But no watch.I loved that watch,and I had just had the gold bezel mended.They don’t make the same style anymore,so I couldn’t even replace it .

So we turned our attention to getting a start on those £160 worth of plants I got yesterday.We are going to do it in stages to save our backs.

First border cleared and restocked.

More fillers for this deep,hard to plant border.We have large trees behind one of our borders ,so it suffers from a serious lack of water.We are giving some of our old favourite a try –solidago,alchemilla mollis and euphorbias.

We then thought we’d give our backs a rest and plant this lot another day.

  After grabbing a bit to eat,we made a quick trip to Ikea to get some finishing touches for my scraproom.The room is almost finished now,apart from carpet and the blind.It was late by the time we had finished putting up the pictures for my gallery wall.So too dark for photos.

Whilst Hubby was busy putting up shelves and pictures,I stared sorting out my scrap tool bag.Guess what I found right at the bottom?


I could have cried ,in fact Hubby did………….



Michelle said...

So glad you found your watch!!! I {heart} IKEA!! Your yard is beautiful!!! Things are starting to fade here.. you sure can tell winter is coming! I need to do some sprucing up next spring. Great capture of that spider!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Phew...I was mentally trying to think where they could be while I was waiting for your photo's to load, so I'm relieved to read that you found watch & bracelet!!

The border's looking good..I just replanted my tubs & baskets with winter pansies too!

I cannot wait to see your finished scrap room!!

kym said...

I love the spiders webb, and the borders look so pretty for this time of year, glad you found your watch and bracelet....x


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