Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What day is it?

I went out for a spot of shopping with my sister today.






At her house last week I saw some of her recent purchases.

So we planned a return visit so that I could add to my collection??????


Of what you may ask?Well we bought some food and filled the trolley with a few other purchases.


Do you think I have a tad too many?

Oh and what about Tasmin?I couldn’t leave her out.

I LOVE Uggs and live in them throughout the year.So when I saw my Sisters had bought some amazing Ugg copies in Costco for just £30+ (compared to £199) I couldn’t wait to go have  a look.They had just got 600 in that morning and there were people flocking around them.They are amazing copies,just as snug and well made.So I couldn’t resist three new pairs for me to wear in the house and for walking the dog in the mud and rain.

And two new pairs for Tasmin to wear at University.

When we were paying for them all,the checkout girl asked what we were going to do with them all?if only she knew they were all for us and we had more real ones at home.

How spoilt are we.


Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL!!! What a bargain!! & it's impossible to tell which are 'real' & which are the copies!! Tasmin will be thrilled, I bet!

Andrea said...

you can never have too many uggs !!i think you should do the months of the year instead!!

Hilary J said...

I didn't realise you captured my mess up on film! And my mood too...

Michelle said...

That is too funny!! One for each day of the week, and a few extra of course!! :) I may have to check the Costco nearby and see if they have any. My girls' would love them!!!

kym said...

I can't belive that ! I went to Cosco on sunday and did'nt even look and the clothes and shoes, I wondered why so many people were though because it's usually such alot of trash, serves me right ! !xx


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