Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The sun has bloody come out today…Ahhhhhh

I forget if I have previously mentioned that I was planning on doing a shoot for a friend of mines, two daughters.One is off for her first year at University this weekend.Before we moved away for ten years,Francesca and Tasmin were very good friends and grew up together.Tasmin then rejoined her at school for her last 2 years in Sixth form.

I hadn’t seen her sister Olivia,since she was about 4 years old!!!

Well the weather forecast was not good.Deep,cloud and rain and then add to that gale force winds.

I wanted to do a tea party themed look to the shoot.I made some pink dolly mixture cupcakes and bought some bunting.


But the weather was so bad,I had to rethink the whole shoot.So there I was in a short nightie ,no underwear in the wind and rain, vacuuming my summer house and setting up a little tea room.


Tasmins boyfriend kindly helped me put up the bunting,on the promise he could have a cupcake.

The problem now was the light.It was soooo dark that I had to resort to a huge spotlight,that my lighting assistant (Tasmin )had to hold

But I had no alternative.

When the girls arrived we ran straight out in the garden to try and grabs some shots before the rain came down.

First shot in the bag.I think feet may become my signature shot.

then it was afternoon tea time ( Francesca on the left ,Olivia on the right)

Then the rain came down so we went indoors to my favourite light spots.The girls thought I was mad making them sit on a table and watching us turning a settee around.But the light is sooo good there.

Karen Russell has just told me off for wearing a red top in some photos,I took of Tasmin,as she could see me wearing it in Tasmins eyes.If you look at Olivia's eyes you can see the bank of windows she’s sitting in front of and me snapping away.I am supposed to wear white!! Who knew?

What was really lovely was to see how Olivia face changed when she saw some images she loved of herself.She is not as confident as Francesca,so to give someone a little boast is wonderful.

Here is one of my favourites from the day.

So,it’s a big thank you to their Mum,Mita for giving me the chance to practice my camera skills on her daughters.

Whilst I was having my haircut (coloured) hours before I shot these.Someone came in to the hairdressers to remark to my hairdresser on the photos of her new granddaughter.She had seen them on facebook.Julie told her the photographers sat here.She asked if she could book me for a shot with her new grandson!!!!


Scrappi Sandi said...

You'd never know the weather wasn't as you'd hoped! Gorgeous girls & you've captured them beautifully! I love the B&W & the summer house looks too sweet!

Way to go on the commission...I feel a new career coming on!!!

Janna said...

Hi Karen! I love your blog. These photos are great! After reading what you wrote, now I'm going to have to go back through all of your assignments and look for a photo of yours where you can see you wearing a red shirt to see what you are talking about. I never thought about what color I wear when I photograph people.


domestic goddess said...

these photos are stunning!


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