Monday, 27 September 2010


I have just started a Cathy Zielske class.For it I will be writing a book about ME.

Something she said in one of her videos really stuck me she said “as a scrapbooker,you are essentially a storyteller.”

On the way to my crop today, my mind was a buzz.

The Vincent's,my family,were all storytellers.My Dad was known for his long ,funny stories.My sister is like me,one word is never enough,when lots will do to tell a story.We like to set the scene and not miss anything out.My family just roll their eyes and say “get on with it.Get to the crunch.”

Hubbys  family are much more private.I know very little about their life now or in the past.And I think this is very sad.When they have gone,know one will know anything about their lives.It will be a piece of our families jigsaw missing for future generations.

As a young child I used to write prolifically.I used to write stories about Dumbo and illustrate them.My family were not known for their encouragement,but I always remember my mum saying she wanted to get them published.I used to be so proud and wrote even more.Sadly all my books have been thrown away over the years,but I still have the memory.

I have occasionally written diaries,some of which I still have.They make very interesting,sad and funny reading.

When I worked as a carer for the elderly.My clients used to anticipate the next weekends saga,told in full details.If I had a £ for the times I was told I should write a book about my life and thoughts,I would be very rich.

So I shall be hopefully writing about ME my thoughts and life,through the use of the alphabet.(all 56 letters!!!!!!) and then getting it published.

Don’t panic.It wont be on any bestsellers list or Amazon.It will be just one copy to go along with my scrap albums.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Did you cut out all those tags by hand like Hilary did? LOL at 56 letters in the alphabet!!! I think it would make the bestsellers list, but you might need to get it censored first!!!

Denise said...

Look forward to hearing all about you!! :-)


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