Monday, 6 September 2010

preserving history.

Sorry that you have had to plough through so many blogs today.But I have lots to catch up on.I have been so busy this last week.I pulled out some of my oldest photos.Some going back over a 100 years.I know as scrappers we shouldn’t put photos into sticky albums.But I have so many I didn’t feel there was an alternative.Especially as the pictures are all different sizes.The majority of these were in very ancient sticky albums ,all of which had lost there stickiness.

I liked the albums Tesco's had to offer,which match all my other everyday albums.They have lot of room to write about memories and who the portraits are of.

When I was near the end of this album I remembered my Mum had written our families history in a family tree book.So that was a great help to me.She had even documented how it is that we are related to Helena Bonham Carter.

Scrapping must be in our family blood.Sandra and I once saw Helena at an Ally Pally scrapbook fair.I noticed her weird clothes first and then looked up to see Helena.She was buying lots of mini books stash.I would love to see what she comes up with.Imagine how amazing her work would be.And imagine who the pictures could be of.

My Granddad and Mum were really into photography.In fact my mum was a baby photographer at our local hospital for years.That could explain why I have so  many photos documenting our lives.

For some families it doesn’t seem to be important.I had one ex boyfriend who had only one school photo of himself with his siblings.That was it.He had no idea what he had looked like before that age.

When I put our family album together  I only had 4 pages worth of photos of my Husbands family.Where as I still have at least another 4 to go of mine.And I am not even touching the old ones I have,that are properly stored in albums.

To ensure I continue this legacy and preserve memories for my children I decided I should invest in the camera I have coveted for the last few weeks.

I managed to find a shop that had it in and off we went on Sunday to buy it.

A Canon 7D

Yes its VERY heavy,but everyone on Karen Russell's workshop have said I would get used to it.

I was a bit silly today and took it to a windy beach in Norfolk for its first photo shoot.I hadn’t had time to read the instruction book,so I had to find my way around the controls,which are all in different places to my old ones.I didn’t know how to change the ISO,or auto focus points.But I had a quick play in the gale force winds.

It was Teddy's first trip to a beach since he was a tiny puppy.


With the gale force winds I forgot to take him down to the sea to paddle.


These are his little paw prints.He had a great time even though he was at the perfect height to get all the sandstorm straight in his eyes.


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domestic goddess said...

i am soooooo sooooo jealous, great pics, imagine what you will do when you know how to change the settings!!!
looks like no to the seminar, cannot get child care and doggy care, boohooo


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