Monday, 13 September 2010

Photoshop elements trial

For the last few weeks I have been diving into the complicated world of Photoshop.Computer savvy I am not.There are SOOOOOO many stages to PSE that's it makes your head spin.Add to that the resizing and different saves you have to make for different uses.

So today's blog is as much for me,as for you.

I want to see what all the different saved images look like from the web point of view.I do not have a calibrated monitor and the chances are very high you don’t either,so the colours may be crazy for you or me.

So here goes.

This is the original photo I chose of Tasmin I took with my shadow covering her face.Now I know everyone chose the full direct light photo as their favourite,but during my course I learnt that is not the best light to take a photo of someone in.If you play with Photoshop you can play with the shadow and it gives you a better photo in my opinion.Take a look at photos by professional,natural light photographers.They love people just in the edge of shadow or backlit.

This one is the original SOOC saved in Picasa

sooc image cropped to 6x4

This one is a cropped photoshopped jpeg.saved for printing at 6x4

This one is saved vastly reduced in size and in a special colour space for web browsing? The colours are supposed to be less washed out and faster for anyone,like my Hubby who has trouble viewing my blog on an old crappy computer.

As I am seeing it at the moment the above two look the same.

What is your opinion?

And can you see what I mean when I say I prefer the shaded face picture.I will try tomorrow to play with the direct light photo to see what happens to that.

But this took me 3 hours tonight,so I’ll have a rest for  now………

But I think it shows that if an amateur can make changes like this when she hasn’t a clue what's she’s doing.It then makes you realise that those photos you see on blogs and magazines aren’t what came SOOC.(straight out of camera)

PS -since writing this I have seen my blog on my sisters laptop.Its a different make to mine (pink! Sony VAIO).I couldn’t get over how “blue” her screen looked.They make the screens slightly blue to entice you to buy them.I must checkout my sons Mac to see what his looks like.But I didn’t like my sisters (Dell,I think yuck)


Melody Brotherton said...

Well, I prefer the last one, and I'm on a calibrated monitor. Her skin tones are nice and the catchlights really pop, but it's kinda like comparing apples and oranges because the crop isn't the same on all three images. How about cropping #1 like 2 and 3 and reposting?

Michelle said...

I definitely see the difference! I bought PSE as well. I haven't used it much other than to figure out how to change a photo to b/w and then add the color back to a certain item in the photo. I did try and play with a tutorial I found on Pioneer Woman's blog. She has some great photography and PSE tutorials!!! Here is what I learned on her blog.. &

Joni said...

I can tell a difference with the last one being resized for web. When you save and resize for web it also sharpens it. That's why her eyes seem to pop just a little bit more in the last photo. I definitely like the last one best and it's amazing what a little editing can do to a photo. Glad you're learning PSE.

matryoshkas said...

I see that the last one to me is slightly sharper and brigher (especially from the nose area). isn't it wonderful that you learn something new so quickly and can apply it???

Scrappi Sandi said...

Well...the first is margianally a better colour for me...Tasmins skin has a warmer' feel & the pink spots on her robe have a little more warmth too!

I think you are going to need a whole bank of external hard drives for storage!!

Melody Brotherton said...

Thanks for the repost! I still like the 3rd. The first looks a tat underexposed to me (but I like pics a bit brighter). But what do I know? Go with what YOU like!

alyssia bruegge said...

i love the third pic! nice and bright and even - at least that is what my eye is typically drawn to!


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