Monday, 13 September 2010

opening ceremony

I have tried to take some pictures of my scraproom,but it has been quite a feat.Its quite a dark room as it was originally a tiny family bathroom with just one obscured window to the back of the house.

I decided to paint all the walls white to try and bounce the light around.But I HATE white walls.So I am having to just put up with it.So because of the lack of wall colour I have filled every other available space with as much colour as possible.




long terms readers of my blog may recognise these letters from my time in Chicago.

I bought them In my favourite shop Antropologie.





My main working area has this magnetic board on the wall,along with some tools.I had the notice board made using our favourite family photos for my husband, years ago.In fact it has lived in the loft for the last few years.

And yep there are a couple of nudie pictures on there.





This will be my main storage area for mini books and my photo albums.The shelves were made from beech we had brought with us from our old kitchens makeover years ago.I don’t like to throw anything out.


This is the start of my gallery wall.I still have bits to add to it.It will be all my family's work.The pastel drawing of a Siamese cat was by my mum,along with the horse scratchboard picture she won a competition with when she was 16.The cartoons along the bottom are my dads work.He drew them whilst my mum was ill with cancer to take his mind of it.They tell a story of Splodge and our family.We are all in the cartoons somewhere.

Then I have added some other random bits that make me smile.

So here are some pictures from as far back as my camera will allow.



I still have this cupboard to fill with goodies and the three big drawers.Let alone the two new cupboards.


Oh happy days…….


Denise said...

I love it, love those giant pegs- it looks so neat and tidy,isn't it great to have your own crafty space? I really like the colour of the units x

Hilary J said...

It looks really great. Looks like Chris had a busy weekend...!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Looking Good!!!

Apart from planting, what will Chris be doing with himself now?!!!

Michelle said...

OK showing this to my DH to show him what can be done. We are in stalemate at moment, I want a room like yours and he wants to buy random Ikea bits and put them all together. No progress till he comes around to my thinking!!

mel askew said...

Its lovely you must be so pleased and i'm so jealous

kym said...

Like everything else in your house the room looks lovely, but you will have to move again once chris has planted all those new plants, what on earth is he going to do with his spare time.....xx


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