Saturday, 11 September 2010

Oh decisions ,decisions

I have had a play with the aperture and modes on my camera today.I have a shoot arranged for Tuesday afternoon,with two sisters Tasmin used to go to school with.I’m praying for the sun to be out a bit ,otherwise it will be a crap light indoor shot.

Tasmin acted as my model as usual.I played around with my new camera and got to look at how different settings affected my image.Weirdly Tasmin and I liked different images.I was trying out different locations in my garden,with different light.

Which locations are your favourites?

Now ignore the fact that Tasmin isn’t dressed but it was 4pm!



Side lit




















shaded by me









                                 direct light












open shade






                          She jumped for joy when I said I’d finished

and then it was my time for a bit of posing.I bought a remote shutter release so I can take pictures which I can be in.Seeing I may be my only willing model soon,I had a quick play.



Excuse the merger with my head.I will have to move my chair next time.



What I really was impressed with,was how crisp my images were even massively zoomed in.

                                 this was taken at the open shade spot-My favourite place.

These pictures are all SOOC (straight out of camera) except the one above which is cropped

Hubby was busy replacing all my scraproom skirting boards and painting.

I also got to go out,today and spend £160 on plants that cost me NOTHING!!!!

Well,I had bought a garden furniture set earlier in the year.They sent me vouchers to spend after all the points I had accumulated on their garden centre club member scheme.Not bad aye? The only problem is we have to put them all in the garden,and we’ve both got bad backs.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Well, I like the 'direct light' photo the best...the reflected light gives Tasmins skin a definite glow....& I love her jumping for joy!! Great self portrait too...keeping everything crossed for a bright day for youon Tuesday!

Michelle said...

Great photos!! I love the one of her jumping! I have to agree with above. That direct light does make her glow. Love your profile pic! Is that a Ruby colored King Charles Cavalier Spaniel?? I have a Ruby colored Cavvie... don't see too many of them. They aren't as common as the tri colored or blenheim.


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