Thursday, 30 September 2010

more Ta Da

All stuffed after lunch.

so let us continue.

Conservatory.:we replaced most of the double glazed units as they were broken.New floor.Plastered walls and blocked up window to kitchen.And a complete paint job.


Old second kitchen:replaced with a bespoke laundry room.All designed by moi.

Chequerboard floor laid by Hubby


small hallway:Hubby knocked out a false ceiling and we found someone had written on the wall in 1956.I only have one picture of this bit as it used to be so dark.We made it Teddy's bedroom and replaced the gross door with a beautiful Victorian door that my friend put coloured glass in for me.


Dining room:We added an oak wooden floor and as with every other room replastered everything.(Sadly,the plasterer crashed his plane and died.)


back porch:The roof and floor leaked.Soon fixed.


Downstairs cloakroom:


I keep thinking I have got to the end of downstairs,then I remember another room.LOL

Old office:fireplace added.Door blocked up and original floors sanded and varnished.


Well,phew that's all of them on the ground floor.But I forgot to take pictures of the cellar.I always forget we have it.I only have what it looked like with no care and attention.

Cellar:It was damp and dark when we moved in.Hubby moved some outside drain pipes and shovelled out 27 years worth of dead leaves from in front of the cellar window.There was a crappy old kitchen down there,which we removed and we now have a dry store room under the house.It hardly resembles this dungeon now.

Do you like how I keep using the Royal “we” when I talk about work being done on the house?

OK,I am just the designer and foremen.The hard work was done by Hubby.

Stay tuned for the upstairs instalment.But I have to go and do some housework and ice a batch of chocolate fudge cupcakes.

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Denise said...

Your make overs are looking fantastic and I love love love that floral armchair :-) and I love the floral curtain with the flower tie back- right up my street.


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