Wednesday, 1 September 2010

more lights,camera and little action!

If you live in the UK you will remember those stormy days we had last week.I was in London soaked to the skin and it rained for pretty much 48 hours.

Well during all this,one of my old models Amy had a baby girl,Lily.

Her Mum was telling me about their experience with the hospital which was like something out of a Carry On film .

They asked me-oh,alright I asked them –could I take some pictures,before Lily was a week old.

Me and Amy had already planned what type of pictures we were going to attempt.


I am sure Amy had a labour bag all packed and planned.What she didn’t know was I had a pile of props,a heater,a light and  I‘d even made a headband ready for Lily’s arrival!!!

So these are just a selection of some of the images I came up with of Lily just 3 days old..

One of which has been included on a scrap layout.I can’t share it with you at the moment,as its a secret until the weekend.

My favourite one of the shoot was again well overexposed.

and this one came a  close second as my favourite.( in fact it was used on a Canadian photography site yesterday!!)

Some of my shots were AGAIN shot with the wrong custom white balance.I so nearly deleted them,but they turned out to be some of their favourites.

In fact one made them cry!!!

It just shows that a perfectly shot photo isn’t anything  compared to an emotionally perfect capture.






Alfie and his new baby sister Lily






Whilst I was waiting for Lily to wake from her siesta.I had a little play with some previous proteges of mine.They are so used to seeing me with a camera now.In fact Alfie says cheese when he see me.

I expect you shall be seeing more of baby Lily in the future.

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domestic goddess said...

these are gorgeous Karen!! YOu should be really pleased with these.


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