Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I “heart” red velvet cupcakes

Pop around,for a now frosted red velvet cupcakes I have a fridge full !!!!!!!!!!


I had to share this blog by the creative mama with someone today.I think its a fab idea.

Do you think my daughter would do chores for me if I offered her Craig tenners?

I would have loved to have used this for my children when they were young,I am sure it would have worked a treat.It might have been better for them than the cane I found always got quick results.

My mum used to say,I’ll ring the children's home and you can go and live there when she got pissed off with us.Little did she know I used to dream of living in a children's home.

For some reason my Junior School always picked me and another boy to go and deliver all the Christmas presents we’d donated.We used to have a huge Christmas tree in the school hall and we had to bring in a toy we no longer wanted,all wrapped up.Imagine the disappointment when those poor kids opened some crappy toy, someone didn’t want.Must have made them feel great!

But I used to think the home was cool ,so I wanted to move straight in.

For some reason I also got picked two years running to go to an old peoples home.That wasn’t quite so much fun.Quite what an 8 year old would have to say to a 90 year old,they hadn’t met before I have no idea.

I would love to have known why I was always picked?


Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad to see the Kitchen Aid is still being put to good use! Save one of those for me...but maybe freeze it as I've gained a LB this week & have a particularly strict week ahead of me!!!

LOL at the Craig tenner....& the vision of you charming the pants off a home full of geriatrics!!

kym said...

The cup cakes look really good, share the recipe please, my hummingbird recipe for red velvet does'nt rise that much ! xx

Denise said...

Yum at the cupcakes,looks like that kitchen aid is working hard,and no, I haven't had a perm,every so often I leave it curly as I can't be bothered to blow dry it straight. I've also had it cut quite a bit shorter- got bored with myself !


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