Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Over the last week I have been busy using the summer sunlight we finally have.I had our oldest family friends come over to see me.

When I grew up we were next door neighbours.I have seen more of them,than real family members over my 46 years.

We have had a tradition of being bridesmaids at each generations Wedding. My bridesmaid Tracey now has, two gorgeous children.One of which she bought to see me.It had just been Amelia's birthday,so when I asked could I take some pictures of her?She was so pleased she bought along a birthday present dress for her to dress up in.

Now,I was playing about with a custom white balance, so I wasn’t too pleased with some of the indoor pictures.But as it was of Amelia,with her Great Granny I couldn’t delete them.

Her Great Granny Joan has dementia  and has recently lost her husband,Charlie.She looks exactly the same as she did when I was a tiny child.She’s now in her 80’s.



This is three generation together.Gloria on the right used to look after me as a child.She got great pleasure taking me out in my pram and smacking me as soon as she got out of sight..She used to like the faces I pulled,when I whimpered and cried.

Is it any wonder I turned out the way I did?




Joan came up to me at my Mums funeral many years ago to say “I used to worry about you as a child.Your Mum only used to feed you egg,bread and chips.She never cooked you anything else.I always thought you’d have a problem.Are you alright now?”

She never knew that I grew up with SED.But it was very interesting as my Mum had sworn I ate fine as a young child,until about the time my sister came along.She said I ate anything,but I have no memories of that.

My first ever memory is me sat in a highchair,eating a boiled egg and toast watching my Mum throw potatoes at my Dad during a row!!!.Is it any wonder I have issues with food.

Anyway,Amelia had a quick costume change and into the garden we went.

and the she relaxed a bit more and we had a chat.Her yellow dress turned out to be my favourite.

Unfortunately my absolute favourite photo from the shoot is overexposed.But then I seemed to always like the overexposed pictures.But I shan’t worry,I have started a Photoshop editing course.I have already started work on some of my pictures from this shoot.So all is not lost.

But I was pretty proud of myself.I shot the entire time in Manual mode.That means I had to set the aperture,shutter speed,ISO,white balance and focus manually on things as small as her eye.All while reading the natural light around me.

Not bad for a total amateur.

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domestic goddess said...

stunning!! She is a little beauty.well done on full manual!


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