Monday, 20 September 2010

facelifts and haircuts

Well me and hubby have gone for a bit of beautifying ,but oh dear its all gone a bit wrong.

I decided to have a straight fringe cut into my hair.Tasmin is always teasing me about the lopsided fringe I favour.I have always had a fringe,as I am badly scarred on my forehead from childhood injuries.Stitched up in the days when someone would sit on you at the hospital,and then thread a gigantic needle.So no fine needlework for me.

Well back to the fringe,lets just say I look like Dawn French.And my weight gain,through gorging on homemade cakes,will no doubt give me her weight issues too soon.I really don’t like my fringe.The one plus point is, I can now see clearly.The only problem is everyone else can now see my face clearly as well.And I don’t like it.

Everyday I feel I have to sort the dreaded fringe out and then apply some makeup to the boat race.One thing I hate doing,is my hair and wearing make up.I am a get out of bed and go type of girl.I don’t even have make up remover in my bathroom cabinet.

My lot just sniggered when they saw my fringe and everyone else has noticed and just been kind.(No doubt sniggering behind my back) Oh well it will all grow back in a year or two!!!


Hubby went to hospital last week to have a skin cancer removed from his face.I had been badgering him about it for ages,and finally him and the Dr decided to have it removed.What we forgot is that when they remove a skin cancer,they always take quite a bit of skin around it as well.So Hubby came home from the hospital looking a little surprised.Well actually he looked like Dr Spock!


He had 10 stitches done by a plastic surgeon.No one sat on him.And they are nice and fine.Although,from such a tiny patch he now has a long thin scar.

He cracked me up when he told me what he’d said to a work colleague.

She had asked “now you’ve had an eye lift,do you look younger?”

“Yes ,he replied I look 30 on the left hand side,and 50 on the right!”

My leg/back has played up in the last few days,because I sat on my arse all day on Saturday.For the first time in months I got to go to a crop.Our Tempsford crop was back on and I got to join my friends for a spot of scrapping

And oh what fun we had!!! We were all wrapped up for winter,it can be 22 degrees outside,but its always –2 in the hall.

Not that my mates mind,my hot air from all my talking keeps them lovely and warm.

Although my language can make the air blue to match our toes.

Hilary had a particularly lovely day and  I think she thoroughly enjoyed all the intricate cutting out.But sadly she cut out more than she was supposed to!!

At least Ann had a smile for the camera.

Hopefully,I’ll get my layouts finished sometime this week.

This weekend,I also found in the loft,some of my sons cartoons he drew for my Dad when he was 10.My Dad loved them and had them framed on the wall.So these have now found a home next to my Dads on my gallery wall.

Hubby didn’t remember them and he thought they had been drawn by my Dad.So he was shocked to discover Ryan had drawn them.My Dad had even stuck the Christmas gift tag from Ryan on the back.


kym said...

Please show us the fringe ! I'm sure it's not that bad,

P.s love the new header for your blog, I was'nt really sure about last weeks one xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

Well, I like the fringe...I meant what I said on Saturday, no sniggering involved at all!! But then, as you know first hand, I'm a blow dry & make-up on a daily basis kinda girl!!!

Do you mind if I copy that collage of crop photo's...I need a pic for Satudays page for LSNED...can you believe I forgot to take one myself!!! Amateur!!!

domestic goddess said...

wow Karen, what a talented boy these are stunning


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