Wednesday, 1 September 2010


On Bank Holiday Monday we and most of North Herts  had a power cut.We were sat enjoying  The Ultimate Big Brother when it went pitch black.Even the street lights went out.It was dark for miles around,with only the occasional car lighting up the sky.

Never in ten years have I missed an episode of BB.Sad I know.

We groped around in the dark and using Ryan's blackberry,which lit up like Blackpool Illuminations,we gathered candles and moved obstacles from the floor.

The lights in the house,but not the street came on fleetingly and then we were plunged into darkness again.Hubby was pleased as he likes his bed and off he scampered. Tasmin and I lit some candles and waited for BB to come on again.But sadly it was not to be.So off we went with our candles to bed.

I woke Chris lit only with a candle to my face.I think it gave him a fright.Especially as I had washed and left my hair.I  looked like something from the Stone Age.

I had a moments panic,“what if the electric doesn’t come on by morning.How will I straighten my hair.Arghhhh”

But as I settled in for a night reading by candlelight.Hubby,awoken by the noises of everything resetting itself,(I have ear plugs) came in to tell me I didn’t have to struggle with the page of my magazine just 2 inches from my eyes anymore.

And phew then there was light.

And lovely straight hair the next morning.

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kym said...

Oh the thought of you with natural hair by candle light really made me laugh, I bet chris thought he had woken up on the set of Oliver ! ! just imagine what life would have been like back then with no hair straightners .... x


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