Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ahhh,Dead chuffed

Karen, I have loved your constant presence on the forum and in your comments to other students (I know they have appreciated it too!) and I just appreciate your willingness to dive in headfirst to this stuff even when some of it was overwhelming to you! I know that you came into this class wanting to learn a ton and I think you're well on your way. Just keep up with your persistence and know that using just a bit of that inheritance for some good gear will be a GOOD thing for you and for all those people around you who are benefitting from having their lives documented by you! Thanks again for being such a great presence on the board!

This was in my final email from Karen Russell at the end of my last assignment evaluation.

1 comment:

domestic goddess said...

i loved my last email form Karen too :):)
sad its all over


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