Thursday, 30 September 2010

Next instalment-upstairs

The first room we completed was our spare room.It was our trial room to see if we would have to have all the rooms plastered.We filled cracks,papered and rubbed down windows.But after this room we decided we needed some help.We employed a painter for the next year to help us (Hubby) paint every weekend. To this day we still haven’t finished all of the window frames.The windows are going to be like the Forth Bridge.Never ending.

Spare room(actually where I sleep)


Sons room:

Not my normal style,but then its a boys room.It also reflects his love of the USA.


Sons bathroom:this was a monstrosity.You had to climb over the toilet to get in the shower.We replaced the windows and had some made to match the rest of the building.A wall was knocked down and voila a functional room.


Daughters room:This was the only room that just needed a cosmetic overhaul.


Main bedroom:


We had another spare bedroom that would never get used.So we knocked through from our bedroom.Knocked down the bathroom wall.Moved it! and made an ensuite.

Spare room:


The next room you will not believe.It must be the worst bathroom in the World.Two sinks ,one didn’t work!Dark and depressing.So we gutted it,moved a wall and built me a scrap room/office.Heaven.



Well that's a full guided tour of my home and last but not least some of our outside space.


After and on going:

Phew,we are all knackered now and deserve a rest.


more Ta Da

All stuffed after lunch.

so let us continue.

Conservatory.:we replaced most of the double glazed units as they were broken.New floor.Plastered walls and blocked up window to kitchen.And a complete paint job.


Old second kitchen:replaced with a bespoke laundry room.All designed by moi.

Chequerboard floor laid by Hubby


small hallway:Hubby knocked out a false ceiling and we found someone had written on the wall in 1956.I only have one picture of this bit as it used to be so dark.We made it Teddy's bedroom and replaced the gross door with a beautiful Victorian door that my friend put coloured glass in for me.


Dining room:We added an oak wooden floor and as with every other room replastered everything.(Sadly,the plasterer crashed his plane and died.)


back porch:The roof and floor leaked.Soon fixed.


Downstairs cloakroom:


I keep thinking I have got to the end of downstairs,then I remember another room.LOL

Old office:fireplace added.Door blocked up and original floors sanded and varnished.


Well,phew that's all of them on the ground floor.But I forgot to take pictures of the cellar.I always forget we have it.I only have what it looked like with no care and attention.

Cellar:It was damp and dark when we moved in.Hubby moved some outside drain pipes and shovelled out 27 years worth of dead leaves from in front of the cellar window.There was a crappy old kitchen down there,which we removed and we now have a dry store room under the house.It hardly resembles this dungeon now.

Do you like how I keep using the Royal “we” when I talk about work being done on the house?

OK,I am just the designer and foremen.The hard work was done by Hubby.

Stay tuned for the upstairs instalment.But I have to go and do some housework and ice a batch of chocolate fudge cupcakes.

Ta Da

I warn you this is going to be a long photo heavy blog.

After three years and a week we finally finished renovating our house.We knew we were in for the long haul.Our last house had taken even longer and it was a lot smaller.

So I thought I would share some before and after images.The before pictures were all taken before we moved in.Even before my husband got to see the house.He put an offer in,even before he saw it.

He was in Chicago when he spotted it for sale.(its his hobby looking at estate agents sites)Years before I used to visit an elderly lady as a carer, in one side of the house.It was a house we had always loved,but never in our wildest dreams did we believe we could ever live in it.

So of I went to view it.I wasn’t too excited once I looked around.We had just finished our old house and I LOVED it.I never wanted to move. This one seemed dark because of all the secondary double glazing over the original sash windows.It needed a total overhaul and it was huge.

My old house had just been featured in 25 Beautiful Homes.So you can imagine I was a tad worried about starting over again after all our previous hard work.

But we went for it with our usual gusto.We sold our old home immediately for the full asking,without the people even coming to view it!!!They saw the pictures on line and it was sold!Hubby was biting at the bit to offer the full asking for the new house so we wouldn’t lose it,but I held him back.And low and behold it became ours.We moved everything we owned,except our summer house in the back of three cars!!!We did it over a month, until the night before the house was officially ours,we had nothing left in our old home.So we squatted in darkness in our new home.(It was a bit difficult as the owners live in a house built in the original back garden!)

I nipped home to have a last bath in my old home and then locked it up.Sad to leave it.

So here goes.

Kitchen:It had fluorescent yellow and pink walls and a 28 year old Amtico black floor.We blocked up windows and put an outside door and window in.

Some snippets of me new bespoke kitchen(you can look back at oodles of previous posts to view full look)

Our sitting room:down came the filthy secondary double glazed units.The fireplace brick insert was plastered and the old serving hatch was bricked up.


Kids sitting room:We blocked a door up before we even owned the house!!!


Hallway and landing:I designed a new bespoke banisters and we tried to have the Edwardian French tiled floor restored.But the previous owners had laid a cable right through it!!I had a doorknob imported from Italy and we had some of the original door fittings chromed.All the glass in the door was replaced with clear bevelled glass.


Be back later-I’m off for lunch with the man who did all the donkey work on the house.


I might even treat him I have a pizza for a £1 voucher.LOL

Monday, 27 September 2010


I have just started a Cathy Zielske class.For it I will be writing a book about ME.

Something she said in one of her videos really stuck me she said “as a scrapbooker,you are essentially a storyteller.”

On the way to my crop today, my mind was a buzz.

The Vincent's,my family,were all storytellers.My Dad was known for his long ,funny stories.My sister is like me,one word is never enough,when lots will do to tell a story.We like to set the scene and not miss anything out.My family just roll their eyes and say “get on with it.Get to the crunch.”

Hubbys  family are much more private.I know very little about their life now or in the past.And I think this is very sad.When they have gone,know one will know anything about their lives.It will be a piece of our families jigsaw missing for future generations.

As a young child I used to write prolifically.I used to write stories about Dumbo and illustrate them.My family were not known for their encouragement,but I always remember my mum saying she wanted to get them published.I used to be so proud and wrote even more.Sadly all my books have been thrown away over the years,but I still have the memory.

I have occasionally written diaries,some of which I still have.They make very interesting,sad and funny reading.

When I worked as a carer for the elderly.My clients used to anticipate the next weekends saga,told in full details.If I had a £ for the times I was told I should write a book about my life and thoughts,I would be very rich.

So I shall be hopefully writing about ME my thoughts and life,through the use of the alphabet.(all 56 letters!!!!!!) and then getting it published.

Don’t panic.It wont be on any bestsellers list or Amazon.It will be just one copy to go along with my scrap albums.

Friday, 24 September 2010

what a difference a crop makes

What has happened to Hilary ?????

amazing what a different environment and a bit of heat can do………………

see cropping can be fun………………

Or is it she has a secret?????????

maybe a new man in her life??????????

maybe not ???????????

Well I have the evidence to prove it…………..



A new toy boy………………………………


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What day is it?

I went out for a spot of shopping with my sister today.






At her house last week I saw some of her recent purchases.

So we planned a return visit so that I could add to my collection??????


Of what you may ask?Well we bought some food and filled the trolley with a few other purchases.


Do you think I have a tad too many?

Oh and what about Tasmin?I couldn’t leave her out.

I LOVE Uggs and live in them throughout the year.So when I saw my Sisters had bought some amazing Ugg copies in Costco for just £30+ (compared to £199) I couldn’t wait to go have  a look.They had just got 600 in that morning and there were people flocking around them.They are amazing copies,just as snug and well made.So I couldn’t resist three new pairs for me to wear in the house and for walking the dog in the mud and rain.

And two new pairs for Tasmin to wear at University.

When we were paying for them all,the checkout girl asked what we were going to do with them all?if only she knew they were all for us and we had more real ones at home.

How spoilt are we.


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