Sunday, 22 August 2010

Why am I so tight?

I have always been very careful with money.Great thought my husband.But it brings hidden problems.It takes me forever to buy myself something .Small things and items up to £350 are no problem,as long as I have the cash in hand.But anything bigger and I baulk.

I have never had an overdraft or a loan in my 46 years.I believe if you don’t have the money you can’t afford it.

I am in the lucky position of being able to buy anything I could ever want now.I have wanted for about 10 years a Kitchen Aid mixer and recently I have coveted a more advanced DSLR camera.My fellow forum buddies on Karen Russell's workshop seem to have no problem buying what they want or they talk of hopefully finding a money tree in their back garden.My problem is I have the money tree,but I can’t go and pick the fruit.I fear the fruit will all be gone one day and won’t grow again.

So along came my friend Hilary to help me.We had arranged to do a session of NLP timeline therapy.Originally to address my eating (SED) disorder,but I was now keen to see if we could help me to part with some cash.

It was very interesting and this is what my timeline looked like.

The one thing I found incredibly interesting was I couldn’t conjure up anything past 5 years on my timeline.My sister and I have real problems envisaging ourselves living to an old age.So 5 years into my future was my max.

However,I could go back in time no problem,remembering and revisiting times in my past very easily.Of course I knew that the route of my problem lay in my past,so Hilary tried to make me readdress my thoughts and beliefs.

Hilary and I decided on a 2 week period,when I can go through all my thought processes I need to go through,to be sure I am doing the right thing before parting with money.

So 2 weeks it is.

I spent the day with my sister on Friday and she marched me to two camera shops in Cambridge to find out about the camera I would like.I first need to know the best deal I can get.I was really excited to hear that my sister is interested in buying my DSLR I currently have.This gave me great comfort as I was worried about having to sell it on ebay.

She told me that our parents would have wanted me to spend my inheritance,and that they would know I wouldn't be squandering it.My Mum would have been thrilled I would be buying a camera and she was always proud of my culinary skills.

So what's the latest then.

What’s that in my pantry?

Now,I’m just waiting for my local camera shop to get my camera in!!!!!!


Michelle said...

Hi Karen

I read and enjoy your blog and I along with you suffer from the same spending problems. I hate having to make big decisions and this year I forced myself to start to update our living and dining room. The only way I can do this is to go to the same shop and buy it all in one place so that when I pay the 1 bill (big one!) I won't stress about writing and spending smaller amounts ifykwim?? I also changed my camera to this summer, from a canon 450D to a Canon 7D, but wanted the 5D MkII but baulked at the price - so we are very alike!!

Andrea said...

good for you ,about time !! the only way to get over this is to practise spending .. i on the other hand need therapy to stop spending ..have had some great coments about your photography skills on facebook.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Way to go you!!! I'm just miffed that you didn't stop by the counter to say Hi!!! Could you not wait to get home & play with your new toy?!!! Looking forward to sampling some Whoopie buns very soon...just make sure you use a low points recipe...ha ha ha !!!

domestic goddess said...

have you bought a new Nikon or a Canon hun! glad to ehar you ahve treated yourself to a new camera, cannot wait to see the pictures:)

kym said...

I'm really pleased you got a kitchen aid at last, what happened to the pink one ? I on the other hand still can't bring myself to part with £369 for a food mixer ! maybe Hilary could help me...althought I have no problem spending that amount on my children it seems to indulgent to spend it on myself, so the money is still sitting in my bank account earning little interest ! ! ! xx


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