Sunday, 15 August 2010

A whole lot of whoopie going on.

I have spent this last week with my husband doing nothing much but eat.

Yesterday we dodged the rain to chill out  and indulge ourselves with a little breakfast in Starbucks.

Then it was back home for a day of scrapping for me.I tried to finish my Chicago album.But my back and legs gave out on me.

It was a dismal wet grey day so I was glad to be snug next to the aga.I woke this morning to the heating having turned itself automatically on,.That's how cold its been.We were up bright and early with maps already downloaded.We were going to explore Spitalfields market in London.The last time we were at Columbia Road market we  asked a local where Spitalfields was and she had never heard of it!!!!!


So she directed us to Brick Lane instead.It turns out if we had turned right at one point it was right there!!


It was right behind where we ate last time.

I had a reason for picking Spitalfields for a day out.It is right next to a place I have wanted to visit for years.A place I bet you have never even heard of.-

Dennis Severs house on Folgate Street.

Its a house where you go back in time,where the sounds and smells follow you around.In one gas from the lamps,another cloves and oranges and one I recognised from  my carer days.Matured urine from a chamber pot.

It was very interesting,but it was a shame no cameras were allowed.


I must admit I would have struggled with the light,because, there was none.There were heavy drapes and everything was lit by candles.








Our bellies were complaining by this stage,so as creatures of habit we headed back to The Sunday Up market .It has the most amazing ethnic food area.

We headed straight for our favourite chicken satay stand with jasmine rice.As usual it was delicious and at only £4.50 a bargain.We went in from a different side this time and I came across the most amazing cupcake stall I have ever seen-Kooky bakes

And believe me I have seen and tasted a lot.

Now anyone who is in the know,knows that cupcakes are sooooo last season.The fashionable like me are eating whoopie pies.


So I couldn’t resist a Bounty Whoopie pie.

Kim you must check his stall out,his baking was amazing.

Far better than any Magnolia,Hummingbird or Lola's cupcake.Not a dry morsel in sight.Plus very intriguing  flavours.

I definitely want to go back for more.


Know I wasn’t feeling too well,as I had been suffering with a migraine for a few days.I had spotted some Thai masseurs in the main spitalfields market.So as I knew I had a lot of tension in my head/back and neck I thought I’d give it a go.

I hope your not laughing……………..

Any massage can be very painful for me.Especially if the masseur finds a problem area.And believe me I have a LOT of problem areas.Don’t ever be fooled by the tiny Thai women and men they have fingers like vices.Even the area around my jaw killed me when he applied pressure.I have no idea,why that would be????

Oh and elbows.Yep he has just found a spot or two,and thinks a deep push with his elbow will add a little more pressure.GREAT.

Well if nothing else I am sure it all gave you a laugh.

And to finish a picture of the cutest little boy ever.I asked his dad if I could take his picture he was such a natural model and had the most amazing eyes.


Sarah-Jane - said...

lovely photos. I did laugh at the masseur photos (sorry !)

I'd love to pay Kookie Bakes a visit - but it's VERY unlikey unless they venture outside London

Sue said...

fab photos -LOVE that part of London well TBH love most of London - we first stumbled upon Spitalfields when we did The Jack the Ripper walk - well worth it

Scrappi Sandi said...

A very cute little lad...but did he not have any ears?!!! Those whoopie pies look good...are they just two cupcake tops sandwiched together?...wonder what they do with the bottoms?! I do hope that massage was worth looks very uncomfortable!!

kym said...

OH MY GOD ! !, I had no idea that cupcakes we so last season, the whoopie pies do look really tastey though,

That massage looked so uncomfortable I hope it was worth it, I can't belive you let the great general public see you like that, xx

p.s The photo of the little boy's lovely ..

domestic goddess said...

i maDE Whoopie pies last week and hated the marshmallow filling, far too sweet, what did these have as the filling?


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