Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The sun came out for just two days.

So along with probably lots of people we fled to the coast.

I was due to go to a baby shower,on the Sunday afternoon.But at midday I got a phone call from the girls mother to ask “where was I?”

“Oh,should I be there already?” I replied

It turned out the baby shower had been cancelled and someone forgot to tell me.My friends were on their way to Norfolk and wanted to find out where I was.I had mentioned Hubby had taken a week of work and we were going to head to Norfolk if the weather improved.

So as our bags were almost packed already,we chucked everything in the car and headed up to explore North Norfolk.

I was supposed to be looking for a small property to buy on the coast.But alas there was very little for sale,well nothing under £500K that I liked!

We received a text from my friend Julie giving us instructions on how to find them.We had no idea they were on the beach,we thought we were looking for a caravan park!So it took a few phone calls and some more directions and then around a sand dune we went and there they were………..

So be prepared for another overload of photos,but it is such a pleasure to shoot small children.I mean photograph them,not shoot them……

My absolute favourite photos are of Alfie playing with the sand and Alfie with his Nan,Julie.


The mums are a bit more camera shy,but I took some anyway.Much to their horror.This lot are hard to photograph,

as they talk even more than me!!!!!

We left them at the chip shop queue and before they settled down for  their comfy night bedding down together in a caravan awning!

We left for our hotel……..

which I am sure was a tiny bit more comfy.

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