Saturday, 21 August 2010

rats tails

yep,that is what I am going to have for hair.

Hubby is the proud new owner of an electricity monitor.

Its his latest toy.He’s now monitoring our usage of anything an everything.Our house will soon resemble an Amish household.

As it is I am already the most tightest,conscientious person you could meet.I wear extra clothing,so I don’t turn up the heating.I sit in the kitchen to keep warm even though  the chairs kill my back.I wear my Uggs indoors to keep my feet warm.I walk around bumping into things in the dark ,so as not to turn on any lights.I hang the washing out/inside to not use the dryer.I even will share bath water!!!

He wants us to see  if we can cut down even further!!!Our bills are already lower than last year and in our previous smaller home.So what's a girl to do.

Well,if you see me out don’t be shocked.

Yep,I think hairdryers and strengtheners are next on his hit list.A few days of my hair looking  natural like this, will soon stop his penny pinching ways……..

Talking of rat tails.Here’s another one of Hubbys fascinations.We  have been sharing our garden with a rat for the last year.Hubby has tried blowing it up with baking soda.(rats don’t fart ,so if you feed them a certain mixture they explode!)he’s put enough poison down to kill an army,built his own rat traps.

But no they are too clever for him.They have done us no harm and I don’t mind in the slightest sharing our patch with Mr rat.But Teddy takes umbridge to sharing his patch with another critter.He goes mad when he goes in the garden.

There is no getting him in,if he thinks Mr Ratty is about.He even fell in the pond last week sniffing for him.

So to give Teddy a bit of peace Hubby has borrowed the ultimate tool.A rat trap.

Just take a look at their faces.they were so excited.




So far no success.It hasn’t liked peanut butter or my bounty inspired cupcakes as bait.Its just resulted in Teddy going even more mad trying to get at the tasty morsels.


Scrappi Sandi said...

not all of your photo's are loading for me, but I've seen your hair 'au natural', so know where you're coming from....BTW is Chris's lawnmower electric?!!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

p.s. I now have UB40's 'There's a rat in my kitchen (what am I gonna do?)' going round & round in my head...thank you!!(I'm gonna kill that rat, that's what I'm gonna do....) could be Teddy's theme tune!!


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